Grey's Anatomy: Why Meredith could Win a Harper Avery (But not Cristina) Meredith winner the prestigious Harper Avery Award, even though Christina to be disqualified previously. Here"s why the titular surgeon deserved the win.

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meredith grey anatomy harper avery not cristina
Meredith won a Harper Avery award in Grey"s Anatomy, despite Cristina gift disqualified year before. Throughout the very first ten periods of the clinical drama, Cristina proved herself to be the arguably far better surgeon the the two — she was cutthroat and laser-focused ~ above honing her skill. Being a surgeon, in other words, was always Cristina"s height priority in Grey"s Anatomy, conversely, Meredith"s career often took a backseat come her personal relationship — which is in reality why Meredith ultimately deserved the award over her friend and also colleague.

For the physicians in the Grey"s Anatomy universe, the Harper Avery is the many prestigious compensation one can win. Developed by the eponymous Dr. Harper Avery, the award elevated surgeons that were already at the top of their ar professionally. The made perfect sense, then, the Cristina to be nominated because that the award during Sandra Oh"s departure season: it was a culminating moment for the fan-favourite character and also actress after ~ ten seasons. She, however, lost despite garnering the bulk vote since Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital to be owned by the Harper Avery Foundation. A success for Cristina was seen as a problem of interest.

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That gift said, in season 14, Meredith won the Harper Avery. Amidst audience confusion, it was confirmed by showrunner Krista Vernoff on Twitter the the Harper Avery preeminence "died v ." Above the politics, both onscreen and also off, Meredith, that course, deserved the Harper Avery — an ext than Cristina also — precisely because she excelled in she career alongside rather than instead of structure her relationships and family. Her victory was a testimony to her development both together a person and also a surgeon, and, more importantly, it to be a celebration of Grey"s Anatomy"s all at once growth and also longevity.

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during season 10, Meredith feel conflicted in between her operation career and her familial obligations. Cristina confirmed Meredith"s fears as soon as she observed that Meredith"s skills had fallen behind she own due to the fact that getting married and also having children. As such, Meredith engaged in a research job — an in similar way to Cristina — that involved 3D-printing operation equipment. Though Cristina ultimately stole Meredith"s resources for her job (which would end up being that which earned her a Harper Avery nomination), Meredith"s project proved an ext successful. Furthermore, it became the foundation of a much more advanced research task that she handed end to a much more qualified engineer. When Meredith"s name was taken turn off the project, her main goal was to development her skills and to aid medical innovation, every the when proving the Meredith"s an individual life in Grey"s Anatomy wasn"t a hinderance to she career.

In fact, Meredith would eventually become appointed Head of general Surgery in season 12, a time throughout which she no only ended up being a widow after Derek"s fatal vehicle crash, however gave bear to her third child as well. In light of her an individual tragedies, she persevered, effectively ending up being the show"s shining example of single, working mothers who balance expert goals with an individual obligations. And who, more importantly, make sacrifices: the she chosen to remain at the hospital and work throughout the night of she Harper Avery compensation ceremony only punctuated she dedication come surgery and also her selflessness in her care for others.

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It"s necessary to note that the episode during which Meredith won the Harper Avery was additionally the show"s 300th episode, a milestone common by only about a dozen other tv mirrors in history. The episode normally harkened earlier to Grey"s Anatomy"s beginning, celebrate the civilization that Meredith — and, thus, the audience — loved and also lost. The main patients, in fact, were doppelgängers that George, Izzie, and Cristina (the initial core cast), and when Meredith looked up in ~ the human being clapping for her, she saw she deceased mom Ellis, standing with them. In the end, Meredith"s victory was a win for the fans. Favor Meredith, and Grey"s Anatomy at large, the fans have actually grown, loved, lost, and, over all, stayed. If Cristina win a Harper Avery would certainly have ultimately served she character"s journey, Meredith"s award is conclusively a love letter to the fans.