Cupid has actually been shooting arrows everywhere the place, some of which have landed smack-bang ~ above Enrique Iglesias and Carson Daly...

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when most human being think around the 90s, they regularly think the the music, the style, and, that course, the movies and TV shows. This decade was arguably among the best when it pertained to film culture, and movie buffs were rewarded with cult horrors, teenage dramas, and also Jennifer Love Hewitt. The star has actually maintained she stunning photo with several changes over the years, including quite the glow-up.

She was also a family name by the time she had starred in I know What you Did critical Summer and continued to acquire popularity with her musical talents and also overall flawless appearance. That was as such that she obtained attention whereby her love life to be concerned, too, and this star"s dating background hasn"t been also shabby.

13 back In 2001, She dated The renowned Enrique Iglesias

It"s not hard to loss for someone that sings about true love, romance, and also passion through every other song lyric, and also that"s precisely what Hewitt did. She career started in 1995 and is still active today, yet after working together in the music video clip for "Hero" ago in 2001, the two struck up a romantic that had actually fans singing, "Bailamos" because that sure.

12 She even Premiered In one of His Music Videos, earlier When they Were all The Rage

Very few people would say "no" in an answer to the opportunity of having Hewitt premiere in a music video (or any kind of video, really) and also Enrique Iglesias is no different. If the song "Hero" to be an practically instant success, it to be the steamy video clip and budding attraction that went in addition to it the really caught everyone"s attention.

11 for Years She Ranked As one of The most Attractive women In The World

It"s one honor the Hewitt lugged during the years 2002, 2005, 2006, and also again in 2010, 2012, 2013, and 2014. That"s over a decade of being considered one that the most attractive ladies in the world, many of i m sorry was decided according to Maxim, which had actually her on the Hot 100 multiple times.

10 She Married her Co-Star, Brian Hallisay, After only One Year

It"s the relationship the star is still in, to this day, and additionally one of the quickest-moving. After only one year of dating her co-star from The client List, Brian Hallisay, the two were married in 2013. Now, they have one daughter, loss James, and one son, Atticus James, together.

9 together A Young Star, She had A brief Relationship with Joey Lawrence while On Party that Five

way back when, many civilization remember a young Joey Lawrence. While many of his TV and movie appearances space remembered through Melissa Joan-Hart (including his most recent), there to be a short duration of time as soon as he had a role with Hewitt, and, that course, a partnership was the end result.

8 her Romance with Carson Daly Lasted roughly Two years In The late 90s

an additional notable relationship was v none various other than Carson Daly, the heartthrob of numerous a teenage girl. While your relationship only lasted around two years, the 2 were seen together plenty, and there"s no denying castle made quite the handsome couple.

7 The Actress (And Singer!) Doesn"t Shy far From Talking around Love In Her 4 Albums

Obviously, love is a popular topic when it involves both singing and songwriting. It can come indigenous a place of magnificent happiness or a ar of utter heartache, and also Hewitt has actually written around both. If she"s known more so for her acting career rather than her singing career, her four albums, personal and intimate, space well-loved by fans.

6 In 2002, Hewitt Dated man Meyer because that A short Time

speak of singing, Hewitt additionally dated singer john Mayer, someone who has had plenty the songs about love and heartache, himself. Back the only thing he was singing after their connection abruptly ended would have been around the latter, considering it to be an "oops" moment on his part that brought about their formerly well-kept secret.

5 however It ended When the Accidentally Revealed Their partnership Unintentionally

throughout one of his comedy routines (fun fact: Mayer is a funny guy), the singer accidentally let it slip the he and also Hewitt to be dating. The was information that wasn"t intended to go public, no at that moment, anyway, and also their brief relationship finished shortly ~ it to be revealed in 2002. He apologized for it, though!

4 She Was readily available The chance To attitude In Playboy, however Turned that Down

Hewitt is pretty famed for having a large heart and supporting reasons that are necessary to her, and also it transforms out that Playboy wasn"t one of them. If she to be voted among the many attractive females in the people for years consecutively, she chose to keep her privacy and also turned down the offer to version for the magazine.

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3 She Was engaged To another Co-Star, Ross McCall, After your Time ~ above The Ghost Whisperer

if Hallisay wasn"t the only actor (or co-star) Hewitt was engaged to, he"s the just one she truly had eyes for, as it turns out. The actress was involved for a quick time to gibbs Ross McCall during their time with each other on The Ghost Whisperer, and the totality thing lasted much less than 3 years.

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2 and also She also Dated another Co-Star native The very same Show, Jamie Kennedy, but Not for Long

Jamie Kennedy was one more actor who was drawn to Hewitt and also vice versa, however their relationship lasted even less than most mentioned. Indigenous March the 2009 come March that the following year, the 2 were exclusive, but despite gift adorable together, naught lasted past the one-year mark.

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1 In 2010, She had A Short-Lived partnership With fellow Actor Alex Beh

after her partnership with Kennedy, Hewitt uncovered herself in one even shorter relationship through actor and also director Alex Beh. Known most well in the independent film business, Beh date Hewitt briefly in 2010 before the two broke it off, and also afterward, Hewitt confirmed that she is a "hopeless romantic".

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