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First gentleman, give thanks to you because that the help & knowledge you"ve provided to all. I"ll number this site out yet; the tractor, well... Recently to buy a 2004, gt 235 48C deck. A couple of remaining issues. Had actually deck turn off to replace some pulleys. Reinstalled exact same as removed and also tested deck. Main belt (engine come dbl pulley) rubbing on black color plastic lid atop shaft by nearby arm (m143350). Belt lies between pulley & cap. Belt routing look at correct. I"m can not to get clear pic with this tablet (aka paperwgt). I"ve ran throughout this in threads and also think I"ve got rid of most possibilities. Her thoughts would certainly be appreciated.
A photo would really help. The belt runs pretty close come the j-pin mount bracket, however it need to clear the plastic spindle wheel covers easily. If not, miscellaneous is not rather right.EDIT: okay perhaps I to be misunderstanding what it"s rubbing on. I check out what you are talking about. I understand that routed appropriately with the ideal tension the drive belt will certainly not contact that rubber guard, yet my deck is turn off the mower at the moment, so i can"t be of any type of help. Sorry.
You space correct that the belt runs between. Room you sure you have actually the correct belt? Is there sufficient tension on the belt? over there shouldn"t be any slack, the is what would reason the rubbing if you room on the inside of the rubber piece.
If any type of of the bushings in the assorted levers space worn that allows the miscellaneous pulleys come ride higher or lower and contact can happen. It"s pretty typical as I view a the majority of older decks with this lid worn v or absent all together.
Thanks for her responses and the pics. I did change the 4 bushings on the column for the black plastic cap prior to the first test.The exactly belt; no means I can tell. It"s ribbed & in great shape. Noted in prior write-ups that ribbed is HD, smooth is standard. I"ll get a brand-new one and eliminate that possibility. The springs i wonder about. The spring to the right and also below the dbl wheel is slack when main belt is engaged (handle is locked on deck). This looks favor it"s common position.Is the spring that"s attached to the take care of for removing/replacing the primary belt a likely possibility? over there doesn"t seem like plenty of possibilities and the location of components leaves little room because that error. Thanks for her input. I"ll get the belt first. Is this such a common problem?
gt 235 48C deck belt rub+
I to be stumped! Bought new belt, exact same as old belt; but here"s the surprised - reinstalled deck with new belt and it"s so loose it wouldn"t communicate deck. Thought possibly belt extended somehow, nope! Old belt same problem. Rechecked all attachment point out on both deck and tractor. No metal fatigue. Don"t know what"s up. This isn"t on old burial grounds or a haunted home.I can"t number this out; it renders no sense. I"ve to be doing this due to the fact that late critical century.

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Yes the is one with big spring in the middle. Replaced that yesterday and also attached deck, no change. I am gaining VERY great at pulling the deck on and off. Uncovered a short article from last year about loose primary journey belt on various version deck. Will take a look at dbl sheave again. Thanks!
Is there a this plastic sleeve (bushing) ~ above the vertical column that stop the moveable pulley? If that is worn or reduced it will reason the "droop" you room describing...sorry, only shot I"ve got! had to change it ~ above both 48" mower decks I have rebuilt...
OK, took the dbl wheel off and finally viewed the remnants that 2 nubs ~ above the key it sits on. Man, how"d I miss that. Aligning the dbl pulley on such got rid of the very loosened primary belt that definitely had me concerned. Don"t understand if the black color plastic lid is still gift shredded.(This is whereby I started.). I"ll test an equipment soon & look at/for bushings. Not lot left to change on deck. Hope the spindles host out for awhile. Unsure if it"s original deck. Thank all of you for her input. Discover something brand-new everyday. I did acquire pics; yet wasn"t able come download them. Quiet learning. Ideal wishes!
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