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Music production is a complicated and expensive company – anyone who has ever before entertained the thought of purchase Logic agree or Ableton Suite (plus every the vital add-ons and plug-ins) to know what ns am talking about. Everyone that hasn’t deserve to just take my word because that it. In time where reportedly you have to spend the indistinguishable of a small car prior to you can also think around recording anything, it’s reassuring that one of the most common sound samples provided by among the commercially many successful artist of recent times costs less than a packet of cigarettes. The great old disposable Bic Lighter. Ns don’t know if you ever noticed (you’d be forgiven because that not having actually paid fist to this before), yet every other Lil Wayne song starts through the sound of him lighting a blunt (or a cigar ever because he has been ~ above probation), and audibly exhaling. The song I posted part days ago, is a case in point, yet I chose to dig a small deeper and went through my iTunes library to check all Lil Wayne songs because that Bic sounds. Don’t phone call me, the I need to have far better things come do! below you uncover my height 5:

Song: I know the Future Rating: twin BicWhile not as pronounced together on the previous songs, ‘I know the Future’ functions lighter sound that room in sync v the beat. Pretty touch! Also, Lil Wayne tells united state that ‘like a circle of knifes, he’s obtained the sharpest circulation around’. Clearly this has nothing to carry out with lighters yet I thought it to be worth pointing out nonetheless. This is off ‘The Leak’, or probably ‘Tha Leak’. That knows…https://aufdercouch.net.files.aufdercouch.net.com/2011/08/i-know-the-future.mp3

Song: I make It Rating: One BicI feel choose I need to justify this choice. It’s an appallingly poor pop song, and features the imbecile discussed above, and the extremely annoying Jay Sean. Every little thing happened come him, by the way? On peak of that, ~ above a very first listen you might ask yourself, why that was consisted of at every – it doesn’t seem come feature any type of lighter sounds. Yet listen closely, you’ll discover that this track features an extremely unusual mid-song blunt lighting.

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Just prior to Lil Wayne tells us that he’s acquiring money choose he just discovered oil. For that reason alone, it had to be included.https://aufdercouch.net.files.aufdercouch.net.com/2011/08/i-made-it-feat-birdman-jay-sean.mp3