would anyone phone call me the systems please? power door lock, unlock, trunk (luggage compartment), crucial pad move assembly is not working. Had actually checked fuses, currents, cables, every little thing is good. What is the problem? try to reply soon please.

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Drirver next door lock doesn't lock or unlock using remote regulate or outside crucial pad control. If friend manually push down the knob, in a couple of minutes you hear a chattering noise and automatically ejects out. Therefore, I can NOT lock the journey side door and also I find it extremely unsafe.

Sounds prefer the door lock actuator has actually failed. Friend will have to remove the door dashboard so here is a guide that will aid with removing that: https://www.aufdercouch.net/articles/door-panel-removalBelow girlfriend will find the process from the manual on how to replace this. You re welcome run with this material and let us understand if you have other questions. Many thanks

Intermittent operation of door locks v no input from internal switch or remote. Rotate signals flash when locks go on or off - very same as if remote is used. When locks space activated using switch, lights carry out not flash. Difficulty is the the locks continue to bicycle sporadically, eventually killing the battery.Problem continues even if door lock switch is unplugged.
HiMust be a faulty door module located in drivers door. The is what controls strength to lock actuator.Hope this helpsThanks because that donate
took door panel turn off to solve door handle. Once I put it ago the only switches functioning were the windows. Before I take it it off whatever was working.
Hello, I'm Danny.It sounds like as soon as you were putting the door panel ago on you might have no made a finish electrical connection on the master switch. Have the right to you verify the connect are properly attached and also snapped right into place? I've attached a photo below. Expect this helps and also let me know if you have any kind of further inquiries on this issue. Thanks for making use of aufdercouch.net.
sound good.Keep us updated and we'll go from there. Expect this helps and also thanks again for utilizing aufdercouch.net.Danny-

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good morning,The DDM or driver's door module is what controls this function.It is inside the driver's door. I attached the location and procedure for you to change the module.https://www.aufdercouch.net/articles/how-to-check-wiringRoyREMOVAL 1. Disconnect the battery floor cable. CAUTION: before removal of module, it is essential to upload module configuration details to a scan tool. This info needs to be downloaded into the new module when installed. For extr information; refer to Module communications Network (Information Bus). Digital modules space sensitive to electrical charges. If exposed to this charges, damages might result.2. Remove the driver door trim panel.imageOpen In brand-new TabZoom/Print3. Disconnect the electric connectors indigenous the driver door module (DDM).imageOpen In brand-new TabZoom/Print4. Remove the DDM.INSTALLATION 1. Come install, reverse the removal procedure. CAUTION: as soon as the new module is installed, that is important to download the module configuration info from the scan tool right into the brand-new module. For additional information; refer to Module interactions Network (Information Bus). NOTE: as soon as the battery is disconnected and reconnected, part abnormal drive symptoms may happen while the car relearns that is adaptive strategy. The vehicle may have to be moved 16 km (10 miles) or an ext to relearn the strategy.