Simon is murdered by the other boys ~ above the island, because they failure him for the non-existent "beast." The murder of this innocent "Christ" figure marks a suggest of no return and the beginning of genuine savagery ~ above the island.

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Simon is thought about an outcast throughout the novel and is symbolic that a Christ-like figure due to the fact that of his compassion and ability to know the true identification of the beast. He is the only boy ~ above the island who realizes that the beast is no a tangible being, but actually the...

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Simon is thought about an outcast throughout the novel and also is symbolic of a Christ-like figure since of his compassion and ability to understand the true identity of the beast. He is the just boy top top the island who realizes the the beast is no a tangible being, however actually the inherent wickedness current in each individual. In thing 9, Simon discovers that the beast is a dead paratrooper and also decides to travel down the hill to call the other boys.

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While the is climbing under the mountain, Jack and his hunters chose to reenact the killing of the pig and begin their ritual dance. As the team of boys is swept into a frenzy, the skies becomes dark, and also a thunderstorm ensues. Ralph and also Piggy take part in the exciting ritual as the boys dance in a circle and also chant "Kill the beast! cut his throat! spill his blood!" (Golding 152). The adrenaline of each member rises to a fever pitch, and also they are completely consumed v terror, energy, and blood-thirst. In the middle of the frenzy, they see a figure emerge from the forest and also think it"s the beast. The figure arising from the forest is actually Simon, that they mistake together the beast. Castle rush towards Simon and begin come beat, rip, tear, and also claw him until he is lifeless. Simon"s death represents the finish loss of hope in morality and civility top top the island. The boys have committed one atrocious, heinous act by brutally murdering Simon, i beg your pardon is essentially the "point of no return" concerning civility. Simon"s fatality is similar to Christ"s in the he is brutally murdered, however Simon die in vain while Christ died to conserve humanity.

Simon"s fatality not only represents the damage of principles on the island but additionally illustrates the depravity the unrestrained person nature. Golding argues that humans are naturally wicked and without laws, regulations, and also restrictions, us are capable of committing horrendous acts of violence without emotion guilty.