how to calculate the molarity the 30% W/V H2O2 ? and also subsequent ready of molar solution for enzymatic studies 


For H202 radical scavenging assay. How to prepare 40 mM hydrogen peroxide native 30% H2O2 solution ? many thanks in advance.

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I have H2O2 of molecular wt 34.01gm and 30% w/v. What go it mean that ns am not getting it and also I want to prepare 0.1M solution, how deserve to i?
I desire to calculate the colony forming unit that a bacter which is frozen in glycerol solution. I will test an antibacterial surface so I need to know how many bacteria there space in the LB medium prior to putting lock onto the surface. Is there a method to calculate it?
I should prepare 1.0 mL that a 10 mM drug stock solution. The drug is a little organic compound v a molecular load of around 140 g/mol. The problem is that I should dissolve about 1.4 mg the the drug in 1.0 mL that water to do the stock. However, the balance i have easily accessible (Mettler Toledo ML54) is clearly not accurate once weighing an lot this small. In fact, the critical digit tends to fluctuate. Once I effort to sweet 1.4 mg, the last digit is constantly changing.
Is over there a far better and much more accurate method to prepare this solution? Someone said that I could make the systems to the ideal of my capacity and measure its really concentration utilizing the die out coefficient of the drug along with Beer's law. Unfortunately, ns don't know the worth of the die out coefficient and I can't any kind of software to estimate it.
Perhaps, there is a better way to accurately uncover the concentration the a drug equipment than using Beer's law...
I'd prefer to prepare 0.2M solutions of Na2HPO4 and NaH2PO4 and also mix the two options (I calculated the exactly volume that each systems with the Henderson-Hasselback equation) to obtain the right pH. Yet I uncovered some tables on web in i beg your pardon the two volumes to mix were currently calculated (but the is not composed how) and also they are really different from mine results.
I have EDX evaluation of a sample. It offers wt% the the facets present in the prepared oxides. Have the right to i transform this wt% come mole % come verify the proportion in which initial precursers were taken to prepare the sample.

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The steady and dynamic shear rheological properties of hydroxypropylated rice strength pastes (5%, w/w) were evaluated at different molar substitution (MS, 0.030-0.142). The swelling strength (35.5-52.8 g/g) and also solubility (8.19-10.7%) values of the hydroxyproylated rice starches were greater than those of indigenous rice starch (26.6 g/g and 7.78%) and incr...