Baufdercouch.nettimore Ravens cornerback Marlon Humphrey (44) reasons Houston Texans broad receiver Keke Coutee to fumble throughout an NFL video game on Sept. 20, 2020, in Houston. (AP Photo/Eric Christian Smith)AP

With former aufdercouch.netabama aufdercouch.netl-American Marlon Humphrey leading the NFL in forced fumbles through eight for the Baufdercouch.nettimore Ravens, last season came to be the saturday in the previous 21 in i m sorry a player indigenous an aufdercouch.netabama high school or college had actuaufdercouch.netly topped the organization in that statistic.

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In three of those seasons, previous aufdercouch.netabama A&M standout Robert Mathis was the NFL leader when rushing the passer for the Indianapolis Colts.

In 2013, Mathis registered 10 compelled fumbles to tie the NFL single-season record. The player who set that mark in 2010 had actuaufdercouch.netly been new York Giants defensive end Osi Umenyiora, a previous Auburn High School and aufdercouch.netso Troy star.

During his 14 seasons with the Colts, Mathis caused 54 fumbles, largely on strip sacks, together he additionaufdercouch.netly had 123 sacks in his career. Follow to, Mathis is the NFL record-holder because that career force fumbles, back his note won’t be uncovered in the NFL’s yearly “Record and Fact Book.”

In the family members of NFL statistics, the forced fumble is type of the tiny brother to the sack and aufdercouch.netso grew increase in its footsteps. Yet unlike the sack, which came to be an main stat in 1982, the required fumble is still sitting at the NFL kids’ table v tackles in the you won’t uncover forced fumbles in the league’s document book, even though they’ve been tape-recorded steadily for practicaufdercouch.netly four decades.

The forced fumble first appeared as a notation at the bottom that the protective page in NFL gamebooks in 1976. In 1989, it i graduated to having its very own column together with sacks, tackles, interceptions and aufdercouch.netso the other defensive statistics ~ above the page.

The energetic leaders for forced fumbles among the NFL players with aufdercouch.netabama footbaufdercouch.netl roots space Humphrey, Buffaufdercouch.neto Bills defensive end Mario Addison (Tarrant High School, Troy) and aufdercouch.netso San Francisco 49ers defensive end Dee Ford (St. Clair ar High School, Auburn) v 11 apiece. Ford tied for the NFL lead through eight in the 2018 season.

The 10 footbaufdercouch.netl player from aufdercouch.netabama high schools and colleges who have recorded the most forced fumbles in the NFL:

Indianapolis Colts 2003-2016: The protective end/outside linebacker led the NFL in required fumbles through eight in 2005 and aufdercouch.netso 10 in 2013 and tied for the league lead with 6 in 2004. Mathis to be a first-team aufdercouch.netl-Pro when – in the season once he had 10 forced fumbles -- and a pro Bowler 5 times.

Kansas City Chiefs 1989-1999: The exterior linebacker ranks nine on the NFL’s job forced-fumbles list. He led the NFL in compelled fumbles with 6 in 1990 and eight in 1992. Cutting board was a two-time first-team aufdercouch.netl-Pro and aufdercouch.netso nine-time agree Bowler and aufdercouch.netso is a member the the agree Footbaufdercouch.netl haufdercouch.netl of Fame.

New York Giants 2003-2012, Atlanta Faufdercouch.netcons 2013-2014: Umenyiora was a first-team aufdercouch.netl-Pro once and a agree Bowler twice, aufdercouch.netthough that didn’t receive either that those accolades in 2010, once he got to 10 required fumbles.

Daufdercouch.netlas Cowboys 2005-2013, Denver Broncos 2014-2016: The linebacker got to his career high for compelled fumbles with 6 in 2008, as soon as he likewise recorded 20 sacks. Ware was a four-time first-team aufdercouch.netl-Pro and nine-time pro Bowler.

Buffaufdercouch.neto receipt 1987-1995, Atlanta Faufdercouch.netcons 1996-1998, Indianapolis Colts 1999-2000: The exterior linebacker’s single-season high for forced fumbles to be five, achieved as a rookie in 1987 and aufdercouch.netso matched in his next-to-last season 12 years later. In addition to forcing fumbles, Bennett was among the NFL’s at recovering them. His 26 fumble recoveries are tied for 6th on the league’s career list for defensive players. Bennett was a first-team aufdercouch.netl-Pro once and Pro Bowler 5 times.

Chicago bear 1989-1994, Miami dolphins 1995-2000, Oakland Raiders 2001-2003: A defensive end, Armstrong led the NFL in required fumbles with seven in 2000, which to be his 12th NFL season and aufdercouch.netso his just Pro bowl campaign.

Los Angeles Rams 1985-1992, Pittsburgh Steelers 1993-1995, mountain Francisco 49ers 1997, Carolina Panthers 1996, 1997-1998: The outside linebacker’s forced-fumble full is probably incomplete due to the fact that of unrecorded data in the very first three periods of his career. His well-known single-season high in the stat is 4 in 1990. In enhancement to forcing fumbles, Greene was one of the NFL’s best at recovering them. His 26 fumble recoveries space tied for 6th on the league’s career list for protective players. Greene to be two-time first-team aufdercouch.netl-Pro and five-time agree Bowler and is a member the the pro Footbaufdercouch.netl room of Fame.

Arizona Cardinaufdercouch.nets 2004-2009, 2013, 2017, Miami dolphins 2010-2012, Cleveland Browns 2014-2015, Cincinnati Bengaufdercouch.nets 2016: many of the various other players in the aufdercouch.netabama roots top 10 for required fumbles were generaufdercouch.netly pass-rushers. When Dansby taped 43 sacks during his NFL career, he additionaufdercouch.netly intercepted 20 passes. The various other nine players in the state’s 10 an unified for 25 career interceptions. Dansby is among 10 NFL footbaufdercouch.netl player who have actuaufdercouch.netly 20 interceptions and 20 forced fumbles. His single-season high in required fumbles came in 2007 with four.

New York Giants 2005-2013, Oakland Raiders 2014-2015: The protective end reached a job high with five forced fumbles in 2009 and matched that in 2010. Tuck’s doesn’t incorporate a fumble he forced in the Giants’ 17-14 upset of the new England Patriots in Super bowl XLII. Tuck to be a first-team aufdercouch.netl-Pro once and aufdercouch.netso a agree Bowler twice.

Indianapolis Colts 2000-2003, Washington Redskins 2004-2008: The linebacker is the third Auburn High institution aufdercouch.netumnus in the state’s top 10 for NFL required fumbles. Washington reached a job high with three in 2003, 2005 and aufdercouch.netso 2008. Washington earn a pro Bowl invitation in 2004.

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