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It is Mr. Gilmer’s project to argue that Tom Robinson is guilty because he is the prosecutor. His instance is based upon the reality that Tom Robinson is black and also was in the house.

In a trial, over there is a prosecution and a defense. The prosecutor’s job is come try...

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It is Mr. Gilmer’s project to argue the Tom Robinson is guilty because he is the prosecutor. His case is based on the fact that Tom Robinson is black and was in the house.

In a trial, there is a prosecution and also a defense. The prosecutor’s job is to try to prove come the jury the the defendant is guilty. The defense attorney’s task is to try to prove the opposite, the his customer is innocent. The referee is favor a referee, making sure that the defendant is obtaining a same trial. In this case, Mr. Gilmer is the prosecutor and also Atticus is the defense attorney.

Scout defines that she walk not consider Mr. Gilmer a personal enemy, unlike some other lawyers’ children.

I’ve heard that lawyers’ children, top top seeing your parents in court in the warm of argument, gain the dorn idea: they think the opposite counsel to it is in the an individual enemies of your parents, they suffer agonies, and are surprised to see them frequently go out arm-in-arm through their tormenters throughout the very first recess. (Ch. 17) 

Mr. Gilmer walk traumatize Dill however, in his cross-examination the Tom Robinson once he testifies in his very own defense. This is because his entire instance basically rests ~ above the jury"s prejudice versus the defendant. He knows that they will uncover Tom Robinson guilty because he is black, and he constantly belittles Tom Robinson, dealing with him as if he to be inferior simply due to the fact that he wake up to be black. The racism to be too lot for Dill. He mentioned that Atticus didn’t treat anyone that way. 

“… The method that man referred to as him ‘boy’ all the time an‘ sneered in ~ him, an’ looked around at the jury every time he answered—”

“Well, Dill, after every he’s simply a Negro.”

“I don’t treatment one speck. That ain’t right, somehow it ain’t right to perform ‘em that way. Hasn’t everyone got any type of business talkin’ prefer that—it simply makes me sick.” (Ch. 19) 

Scout clearly believed the Mr. Gilmer’s treatment of Tom was justified since he was “just a Negro,” yet Dill believed it was wrong. Before the decision was even returned, the felt that Tom Robinson to be being treated unfairly because of his race and also it made the sick. Dolphus Raymond described to Dill that it no right, “the simple hell civilization give other people” (Ch. 20). Dolphus Raymond, who had actually a black color wife and also mixed-race children, was among the couple of non-racists in Maycomb.

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Mr. Gilmer"s situation is based upon the fact that Tom Robinson was seen in the house, and he is a black man. For sure a black guy would not actually assist a white woman without obtaining something in return. That tricks Robinson into saying that he feels sorry because that Mayella, and that dooms him. The jury can never accept the reality that a black male would feel sorry for a white woman. They want to feel the whites room superior come blacks and also that blacks recognize their place.