analysis the lord of the flies (the pig"s head on a stick) as a prize in william Golding"s novel Lord of the Flies.

"The lord of the Flies" is an additional name for Beelzebub, or the devil. Thus, the pig"s head through flies roughly it symbolically to represent the force of evil that exists in all men.

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The boys" descent right into evil together they follow Jack is sealed once they sadistically and ritualistically slaughter a pig and eat it, enjoying both the satisfied of triumph end the helpless creature and also the satisfied of eating the dripping meat.

Simon , the Christ number in the novel that represents...

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The boys" descent into evil as they monitor Jack is sealed when they sadistically and ritualistically slaughter a pig and eat it, enjoy it both the pleasure of triumph over the helpless creature and also the satisfied of eat the dripping meat.

Simon, the Christ figure in the novel who represents the superego or conscience, hallucinates as he looks at the dead pig"s head, which has been mounted on a stick as if that is one idol to worship. That is surrounded by flies, bringing come mind Beelzebub, the devilish second-in-command come Satan in Milton"s Paradise Lost. Milton conceived the the demons in hell in classic terms as choose a swarm of flies.

Simon has actually spiritual insight into the true an interpretation of the pig"s head as a prize of evil. This understanding emerges in his conversation with it. It claims to him,

Fancy thinking the Beast was something you could hunt and also kill!

This renders explicit the evil—the "Beast" the guys fear—is within your souls quite something exterior that can be pursued down and destroyed.

Second, looking in ~ this symbol of angry helps Simon to know how an effective its allure is. What he, Simon, represents, the head says is not wanted. The boys, led by evil impulses, desire what the head phone call "fun": the opportunity to operation wild and indulge all their generally forbidden, atavistic instincts towards violence, domination, and also cruelty. The boys additionally wish come live irresponsibly in the moment.

Simon deserve to see through to the main point of what this "fun" really is—a rotting, dead head surrounding by flies, something disgusting—but the other boys see just the outer shell of what shows up to be releasing and deeply enjoyable. The head says,

You’re no wanted. Understand? We room going to have actually fun ~ above this island.

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The head, the prize of evil, lies, simply as the devil does, due to the fact that what the boys are having will not revolve out to be fun, yet a devastating fire that endangers to consume them.