Words ending in -o type plural by adding "-s". In some resources I have actually read few of these words needs "-es" to do plural (e.g. Echo, buffalo). However it appears both kind of every such native (-s or -es) are videotaped in dictionaries. Therefore is it correct to kind plural type of all o-ending native by only adding "-s"?


Laure indigenous CGEL, p.1586: "Plurals with 's: one apostrophe might be supplied to different the plural suffix indigenous the base v letters, numbers (notably dates), symbols, abbreviations, and words used metalinguistically: (i) p's and q's, 1960's, &'s, Ph.D.'s, if's and but's (ii) She got four A's and also two B's. This exercise is less usual than it provided to be; through dates and abbreviations finishing in an upper instance letter, the kind without the apostrophe is now more usual: in the 1960s, 2 candidates v Ph.D.s."
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Mina an excaufdercouch.netent link! It would certainly make a good source because that anyone that wanted to compose an answer.
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There is some an excellent guidance provided by Oxford dictionary (OUP) below showing quite a variety of examples.

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The simple guidance is

Nouns finishing in -o can add either -s or -es in the plural, and somecan be spaufdercouch.neted one of two people way.

As a general rule, most nouns finishing in -o include -s to do the plural:

Those which have a vowel before the final -o always just add -s:

a perform of the most typical nouns finishing in -o that room always spaufdercouch.neted through -es in the plural:

singular pluralbuffalo buffaloesdomino dominoesecho echoesembargo embargoeshero heroesmosquito mosquitoespotato potatoestomato tomatoestorpedo torpedoesveto vetoessome that the common nouns finishing in -o that can be spaufdercouch.neted with either -s or -es in the plural:

singular pluralbanjo banjos or banjoescargo cargos or cargoesflamingo flamingos or flamingoesfresco frescos or frescoesSo there are some the "require" the -es although there isn"t a hard and also fast "rule" that you deserve to apply.

Consider zero and also hero; equivalent in their form and however zeros is the standard plural that zero while heroes is the traditional plural the hero.

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"Plurals that nouns". Oxford Dictionaries. Oxford university Press. Http://www.oxforddictionaries.com/words/plurals-of-nouns (accessed September 21, 2014).