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I have a 2005 Pontiac grand Prix GXP, 5.3L V8. Ns am looking at replacing the transmission fluid however I am receiving conflict information regarding what form of fluid I have to use, regular or synthetic. Some have actually said it come with man-made from the factory and others speak it is not. Is the original factory fluid synthetic? Thanks.

How tall space you? ns am 6"2" and also when ns sat in a cool Prix GXP, my head was hitting the ceiling. Walk that occur to you?On object however, i don"t really know. Haha!
They started using Dexron VI, which is a artificial fluid, in either "06 or "07 my vehcles. Before that they were utilizing Dexron IV. Once I had my "05 GP GXP i switched over to Dexron VI since it"s a much better fluid (higher warm resistance, etc).
I would certainly think this details would be in her user"s manual. Personally I would stick with everything you have actually in it uneven you space somehow replacing every one of it (not just fluid/filter change). Ns am not a huge fan of mix fluid types in mine cars, straightforward change just replaces about fifty percent the fluid. I do believe "06 to be the very first year the the Dexron VI, the is what is in mine wife"s "06 Impala.
you see, mine caddy cts is an 05 and also per the owner manual, calls for dex III. GM has actually now a DexVI the is much better than the III and now my car has the using in it. I"m certain its the dexVI
Thanks folks. I purchased the automobile used through no owner"s manual. Ns know an additional fellow with an 05 and also asked to watch his manual. The purchased his used and had no hand-operated either. Seems different mechanics said various on the tranny fluid and also a call to my regional dealer claimed to usage Dex VI however didn"t it seems to be ~ to know if the was fabricated or not. They want something choose $9 a quart so ns suspected it might be synthetic but didn"t obtain a straight answer from them!!?? high guy... I"m just 5"9" yet still hit my head if ns wear anything various other than a round cap. I like the car but the was absolutely not made for the above average group.

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DEX6 trans liquid was introduced in 2006.Your automobile came v DEX3 from the factory.DEX6 is compatible with any GM auto trans that originally provided DEX3.You just deserve to not use DEX3 in a DEX6 trans.I would simply use some DEX3.DEX6 is a tiny pricey,but that is a much better fluid.
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