Number theory, consisting of factors, multiples, primes, composites, element factorization; stimulate of operations, distributive property.

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Overview the Changes

Significant Changes: Now has the Distributive Property and Order of to work in investigation 4

Detailed summary of Changes

The 5 investigations the CMP2, element Time, have actually been collapsed into four investigations in CMP3. The first three investigate contain the difficulties from the CMP 2, investigation 1-5. Two of the three difficulties in investigation 2 from the CMP2 unit have actually been put right into the brand-new Investigations 1 and 4. The old difficulty 2. 1, Rectangles and also Factor Pairs, becomes the brand-new Problem 1.4 and also the old trouble 2.2, Reasoning v Even and Odd Numbers, i do not care the brand-new Problem 4.1. The old problem 2.2, Venn Diagrams, has actually been cut. It now occurs in the extension.

The brand-new Investigation 4 Linking Multiplication and Addition, was developed to attend to the distributive property and order of to work in the 6th grade CCSS. The development of the distributive property gives an chance to comparison the multiplicative and additive framework of numbers and thus combine the understanding of both enhancement and multiplication. The first problem is the old trouble 2.2, Reasoning with Even and also Odd Numbers indigenous CMP2. Using square tiles to prove the sum of two also numbers is even provides a visual representation to present the distributive home in trouble 4.2. Difficulty 4.3 develops the stimulate of operations convention, and Problem 4.4 gives a set of difficulties in i beg your pardon students need to decide which operation is essential to resolve the problem.

New InvestigationChanges in CMP2 Investigation
Investigation 1 Building top top Factors and MultiplesInvestigation 1 is basically the very same as the examination 1 native CMP 2. The old 2.1 is now the new 1.4.
Investigation 2 Common Multiples and Common FactorsInvestigation 2 is investigation 2 native CMP 2. The old 2.2 has moved to Inv. 4 as 4.1.

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Investigation 3 Factorizations: browsing for element StringsInvestigation 3 is examination 4 native CMP 2
Investigation 4 Linking Multiplication and Addition: the Distributive PropertyInvestigation 4 is a brand-new investigation with a focus on the distributive property and also order of operations.