Yesterday, in the approve Museum, ns was inquiry why reptile and bird eggs room different. I did not understand that reptile and bird eggs to be different, allow alone why. I have actually now investigated this question and prepared a quite egg-cellent price (if I perform say so myself).

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Bird eggs and reptile egg are various in a couple of means (besides the fact that one come out and also contains reptiles and also the various other birds). They can differ in shape, shell, and also colour. These differences are not universal throughout the classes and science cannot explain why every one of the differences have occurred, so this answer isn’t going to be egg-xact but I will try and be as thorough as possible.

So, first, the egg shape. Reptiles have actually symmetrical eggs whereby as some birds lay eggs which are, well, egg-shaped: i.e. Asymmetrical together they are tapered in ~ one end. A famous explanation for why bird egg are frequently this shape is the it avoids them native rolling off of cliffs together they, instead, roll in a circle. But an substantial study conducted at Princeton college has provided data come debunk this theory. The study, i m sorry examined practically 50,000 egg from more than 1,400 varieties found a correlation between the egg shape and wing shape in bird species. This points to the egg shape to more likely gift a product that a bird’s flight adaptation than where they nest. You can read the examine here.

The second difference is in the shell – bird lay egg with tough shells where as part reptile types lay soft-shelled eggs. Why can be the case? Well, if a mom cannot lay a hard-shelled egg in ~ its full size, it could lay a soft-shelled egg instead allowing the egg to eggspand (not the technological term) ~ laying. Additionally, a soft shell has the volume to absorb humidity from the atmosphere and ground. For part reasons, bird have developed such that their egg don’t need added moisture, i beg your pardon is no the instance for some varieties of reptiles. Because that the the contrary reason, part turtle types will lay tough shelled eggs if they likewise lay their eggs in wet settings as this stop the egg soaking up too lot moisture.

Another reason reptiles put soft-shelled eggs is since of the way they are incubated. Birds will certainly sit on your eggs and also use the warmth of their bodies but reptiles tend to utilise the natural warm of vegetation or the earth to incubate your eggs. As reptile egg don’t need to be strong enough to defend the unborn contents from the complete weight of its parent, they can be soft-shelled.

Finally, many reptile eggs are white in colour whereas bird eggs space lots


A pretty symmetry looking Ostrich Egg (Ostriches, famously, not an excellent flyers).

of different, some would say eggstraordinary, colours. Just like the shape, science cannot prove a critical answer for why this is the case. However, over there is a theory which has, in part, been emerged by to compare reptile and bird eggs. Bird egg are regularly kept in much much more conspicuous locations than reptile egg – in open swarms as opposed to buried underground or surprise in a crevice. As such, bird eggs can advantage from camouflaging to their surroundings, i beg your pardon would call for them come come in a wider variety that colours.

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So, over there you have it, because that the many part, eggs is eggs. However, reptile and also bird varieties have evolved various characteristics particular to your environment. If you have any more questions, come visit the provide Museum or tweet them in ~ us.


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