Following the Ouija plank rules will aid keep you safe from the cheater spirits and also demonic entities that might come through when you are communicating with the other side.

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Many who have actually experimented with the Ouija board seem to agree the the old board game, invented as little more than a parlor trick 130 year ago, is no a toy to be messed with.

The Ouija conjures fear and also anxiety at the mere mention of its name.

Ouija board users have been haunted, even tormented by the soul or demonic entities they opened the door to through a talking board.

Over the years, a grasp of rules came around to keep users safe while playing through a Ouija board. Following these basic rules might assist ensure the you nothing inadvertently invite the ZoZo demon right into your life if you not into that sort of thing.

The Ouija board rules are:

1. Never use the Ouija board alone.

Playing Ouija by yourself pipeline you more vulnerable to an evil heart coming with from the various other side, so constantly make sure you play through one or more friends.

2. Never ever use the Ouija plank in a graveyard.

Using a Ouija board in a graveyard or somewhere whereby a violent murder took location can cause a malevolent reality to come v the veil.

3. Never ever burn the Ouija board.

A Ouija plank is said to scream if you try to burn it. Anyone who hears the board scream will have 36 hours to live.

Burning a Ouija board doesn’t work-related anyway, follow to stories, together it constantly seems to finish up ago in its owner’s home intact.

The proper method to dispose that a Ouija board is to rest it right into seven pieces, sprinkle it with holy Water, and also bury it.


The video game that named itself, and also then suspect the death of its creator. A brief history of the mystifying Ouija board.

4. Never ever leave the planchette top top the Ouija board.

Leaving the planchette (the pointer) ~ above the board can enable a demon or spirit to escape indigenous the board. Another method something can escape is if you enable the planchette to counting down with the number or alphabet top top the board.

5. Never ever ask once you will certainly die.

I don’t know why. Maybe since it’s something girlfriend shouldn’t really know? Or since a soul will develop a terrible fate for you, then see to it the it comes true?

6. Constantly say goodbye.

Closing the board is important, together it shuts the door to the other side and prevents lingering spirits from interfering in her life. Thank the spirits and say goodbye. The planchette should relocate down to the word “goodbye” on the board. Climate you have the right to safely put the board ago in its box.

If the spirit does not say goodbye back, you have to once again speak goodbye, then pass the planchette v the fire of a candle.


Sometimes girlfriend will discover variations or enhancements to these rules, such as never ever ask around God, ar a silver coin on the board for protection, never play the Ouija board as soon as you room sick or weak together it may make you vulnerable to possession, and also never beat if simply think that a game, or you room an atheist or doubter.

Have friend ever damaged the rules of the Ouija board? What happened? Share her story in the comment below.

Is the board genuine or simply the ideomotor result why walk it open up doors to demons if that is simply our own mind at work?

In grade school I would take mine moms ouiji board to my friends house. She preferred to use it through me.One time I moved it to response or 2 then I thought I far better not execute that.The an initial thing the did was spell H i TS H E RRYL for this reason my friend hit me.I described to my girlfriend what ns did and we never ever played that again.I asked my friend carry out you remember as soon as we to be in sixth grade and also the ouiji board?She quiet remembers.

Mom and I provided to play v it together. It would certainly spell the answers backwards..scared the crap the end of people. Ns gotta admit I am not brave enough not come play v it anymore.

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Yup no I obtain nauseous going near one of this cursed boards. I will certainly go the end of my way to avoid them in stores

Following the rule of the Ouija plank will help keep you for sure from the sharper spirits and also demonic reality that may come with the board.