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Celebrate the beauty beauty of the shade blue, the world's favourite color, with a playlist the pop, rock, country, and also R&B songs around all points blue.

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Blue Songs: The Beauty and Benefits of the shade Blue

Quick—name her favorite color. More than any other hue, blue ranks an initial as the an international favorite. It's the color of nature—think sky and also sea.

Blue promotes feelings that tranquility, strength, and a sense of inner calm. It communicates strength, dependability, loyalty, confidence, and trust. Together a result, numerous corporate logos usage blue to persuade potential customers around the value of your brand, consisting of Dell, AT&T, GM, Ford, united Airlines, brothers Airways, Pfizer, and also Volkswagen. Finally, blue often tends to sluggish metabolism and also suppress the appetite. (Try eat from a blue plate or inserting a blue irradiate in your refrigerator to assist you lose weight.)

Between the beauty and also the benefits of blue, why no celebrate this color by make a playlist of pop, rock, country, and R&B songs about all things blue? We have a lengthy list to begin you out!

1. "Blue Ain't your Color" by Keith Urban

The guy in this 2016 nation song watch a lonesome lady at a bar. She's staring at she drink, clear dejected around a male who isn't dealing with her right.

The sly evil one decides to do his move. He tells her the she looks as if she hasn't had fun in a long time and that if blue looks an excellent on a neon sign, it certain ain't her color. (Good one!) then the helpful fella offers to irradiate up her world. Over there are only two responses to something together bold as that daring offer—slap the or go home with him.

2. "Blue Velvet" through Lana Del Rey

Did Lana Del Ray ruin a sweet classic song or merely reinvent it? You be the judge.

Bobby Vinton make this R&B song an international chart-topper in 1963 through gushing around the soft blue velvet that his girlfriend's attire. It was bluer than her eyes, and even though their love didn't last, his warmth memory of her did.

Then Lana Del Rey turned that fond memory on the head with this 2012 covering version. Her interpretation is a reminiscence of heartbreak and also mourning because that a lengthy lost lover. The drag in her voice makes her sound clinically depressed, also years post-breakup.

3. "Blue eye Crying in the Rain" by Willie Nelson

This 1975 version is mine favorite variation of the iconic country music song, as Willie Nelson's voice displayed the sorrowful remembrance that a guy mourning his lover. All his life, he has been haunted by the storage of her tears together they said goodbye in the rain. Sadly, it to be a final parting, and also he's never acquired over shedding her.

Now mine hair has turned to silverAll mine life I've loved in vainI can see she star in heavenBlue eye crying in the rain.


Only 8% that the world's population has blue eyes, and DNA research indicates that every single one of castle originates from the same ancestor. Blue eyes space the result of a hereditary mutation, do blued-eyed people more light sensitive.

cocoparisienne via Flickr, CC-BY-SA 2.0

4. "Blue Suede Shoes" by Elvis Presley

This is a man who absolutely loves his shoes, tacky together they can look to you and also me. The narrator in this 1956 rock classic warns you no to step on his blue suede shoes yet says you deserve to do just about anything else, including:

knock him downslander his namestep in his faceburn under his housedrink his liquor andsteal his car.

Doesn't the make you desire a pair of those flashy, unusual shoes? If you're choose this guy and also really evaluate your footwear, below are some additional songs about shoes.

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5. "Blue Skies" by Jamiroquai

Mistakes are part of the trip in life, according to this jazz-funk track 2010. He's going v some troubles best now, and also the previous development that he made in his life has slowed. However, he isn't all set to provide up, and also he won't hear to the naysayers. That believes in himself and trusts that blue skies are ahead!

6. "Blue Bayou" through Linda Ronstadt

This 1977 soft rock tune was both an international hit and a signature track for Linda Ronstadt. In it, the narrator explains her longing because that a partner and a ar she left behind, referred to as Blue Bayou. She is working tough to return residence to reunite v friends and also a way of life that is relaxed and also familiar.

7. "Courtesy of The Red, White and also Blue" through Toby Keith

Full of bravado, this 2001 country tune was among the plenty of patriotic songs that poured forth in the results of 9/11. It take it Toby Keith only 20 minutes to create this angry response to the red, white, and also blue being attacked on our own soil. The song promises retribution because that acts that terrorism. Indeed, the blue on the American flag represents vigilance, perseverance, and also justice. Exactly how appropriate!

8. "Blue Eyes" by Elton John

The man in this 1982 love tune really take away a shine to his sweetheart's blue eyes, to compare them to "a deep blue sea on a blue blue day." the regrets having actually to leave her side for the day, therefore making she cry. However, he knows that as soon as they reunite later, her eyes will be smiling. (And so, ns bet, will certainly his!)

Regardless of what kind of eyes you're attracted to—blue eyes, brown eyes, sad eyes, Bette Davis eyes, hungry eyes or something else—why not make a funny playlist of songs around eyes?

9. "Our Blue Dot" by Barenaked Ladies

Fresh water, food and also air. Who might argue through the laudatory save-the-Earth objective of this attractive pop tune from 2014? The track reminds us that v 7 billion world on the planet and also growing, if we don't act now to take care of our planetary home, then there is no earth B. Huge problems require huge solutions! room you in?

10. "Blue eye Blue" by Eric Clapton

Somebody's feeling awfully sorry for themselves, as there's a totality lotta reprimand cast around in this 1999 popular music tune. It to be featured in the soundtrack because that the movie, "Runaway Bride," and describes the searing ache of being rejected through a sweetheart.

The brokenhearted narrator regrets put his trust in his former partner and claims lock were simply living a lie. Then he dives in v the accusations:

It was you who placed the clouds roughly meIt was you that made the tears loss downIt was you who damaged my heart in piecesIt was, it to be you that made mine blue eye blue.

11. "Blue eyes Blind" by ZZWard

When you have a magic, magnetic attraction with someone, her eyes might also be remote to everyone else. That's the description of the chemistry in between the lovebirds in this 2012 rock song. The woman tells she lover that her blue eyes are so concentrated on him the "it's like you're freeze time." Isn't fall in love wonderful?

12. "Blue Moon" by The Marcels

In this doo-wop tune from 1961, a guy wishes upon the blue moon for someone to love and also care for, and also his prayers are answered. No longer alone, he has a dream in his heart, and also it pipeline him stuttering in a happy way: "Bom ba ba bom ba bom ba bom bom ... Dang a dang dang ding a dong ding."

13. "Baby Blue Eyes" through A Rocket to the Moon

Whatever the is v blue eyes yes, really makes civilization want to sing around them! The male in this rock track from 2009 is completely in love through his perfect imperfect blue-eyed girlfriend:

She's a doll, a catch, a winnerI'm in love and no beginnerCould ever grasp or understand simply what she means.

The way she moves and also talks both mesmerize him, and finds lull in having her near by. The sees himself together her supporter, partner, and also protector. There is no her, he'd be lost. Would certainly he feel the same about her if she had brown eyes?

Idioms involving the color Blue


blue plate special

a restaurant's distinct priced meal

blue laws

laws around morality issues, such together alcohol

blue effort

make a substantial but fruitless effort to get someone's agreement

blue blood

an aristocrat

hot together blue blazes

very hot

blue state

a state that often tends to poll Democratic

blue approximately the gills

to appear nauseated or ill

blue-sky research

research that is no directed towards any immediate or identify commercial goal

blue flu

imaginary an illness afflicting police police officers when they speak to in sick during a work-related stoppage or a slowdown

have a blue fit

to come to be angry


a mrs with strong scholarly interests

screwed, blued, and also tattooed

badly mistreated

blue pencil something

censor something

a bolt native the blue

unexpected negative news

blue chip stock

the share of a large, well-established and financially sound company that has operated for plenty of years (e.g., IBM, Coca-Cola, Disney, P&G)

14. "Baby Blue" by George Strait

A special location in this man's storage is booked for a blue-eyed beauty the once held close. She had functions of both woman and child, devil and also angel. He love her intensely but—here's the thing—he has actually no idea why she left him. (Come on now, really?)

This sentimental nation ditty was a number one hit on the nation charts in 1988. If you're missing someone girlfriend love, why not send lock a playlist of song to permit them know how much you miss them?

15. "Blue Collar Jane" by The Strypes

Men don't constantly fall in love through princesses. Periodically they love really cool working-class women, prefer the one in this 2013 pop song. Blue Collar Jane constantly dresses down and drives a 4-wheel-drive, but that's part of her low-key charm. The male who has the hots for Jane is a neighbor, and he look at her together perfect.

16. "Once in a Blue Moon" through Earl thomas Conley

The couple in this 1986 love ballad has actually a troubled marriage. The husband acknowledges gift a stubborn guy who doesn't regularly admit he's wrong. He's unable to do from residence a lot, and also his wife is starving for affection. That doesn't recognize what keeps she hanging ~ above in your marriage, but he's happy that when in a blue moon the does miscellaneous right.

17. "Blue Christmas" by Elvis Presley and Martina McBride

You'd it is in blue, too, if you were separated indigenous the one girlfriend loved during the holidays. Rather of bucking up and also thinking about the happy times, however, this couple wallows in the misery of gift apart.

This 2013 Christmas duet fan its visibility to the miracle of technology. Although nation songbird Martina McBride was just a toddler at the time of Elvis' 1968 "Comeback Special" (the resource of the edited video) she was electronically inserted into the footage to produce a stunning duet. The impact is seamless and her addition beautifully boosts the tune's emotionality.

Elvis exit this sad Christmas tune as a solo in 1964, and it has because become a standard approximately the holidays. If you're feather for extr sad Christmas songs, then you can discover a totality list of lock here!

18. "When the Stars go Blue" by The Corrs (ft. Bono)

What perform you do as soon as the one you love marries someone else? This folk rock ballad indigenous 2002 makes it clear that narrator is in love v a mrs who has just married one more man. Due to the fact that he truly to know her, that suspects the she has actually simply "settled." that asks even if it is she is happy in her new life and also promises to be over there for her without judgment when the stars walk blue—that is, when she is sad, lonely, or desire for one more path in life.

19. "Bluer than Blue" through Michael Johnson

The narrator in this 1978 love ballad is a male who is about to be left by his partner, and he's do the efforts to put a brave challenge on by pretending the he'll be just fine there is no her. He's act a bad job though due to the fact that he's already depressed together hell.

Without her, he states he can catch up ~ above reading and sleeping. He'll have an ext room in his closet, won't need to account because that his whereabouts, and also he will certainly have complete control end the television. Those room the weak benefits of she impending lack from his life. Climate he pours his heart out:

And I'm bluer 보다 blue, sadder than sadYou're the just light this north room has ever before hadLife there is no you is gonna beBluer than blue.

20. "Blue Skies" through Uncle Kracker

Nothing claims "roadtrip" like this 2012 country song. This guy has some beer in a cooler, and his convertible is humming. The radio is turn up, and his girlfriend is by his side. As he pushes the pedal come the floor and also the miles role on by, there's nothing in between him and a an excellent time except the huge blue sky. Ah, freedom!

Scientific American describes that "the s looks blue since red, orange and also yellow (long wavelength light) are absorbed more strongly through water than is blue (short wavelength light)." It's all physics!

Couleur via Pixabay, totally free Domain

Even an ext Songs v the shade Blue in the Title

Do you recognize a track that must be ~ above this playlist? do a track suggestion in the Comments section below.

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SongArtistYear Released

21. Blue top top Black

Kenny Wayne Shepherd


22. The Bluest eyes in Texas

Restless Heart


23. Exactly how Blue

Reba McEntire


24. Blue Highway

Billy Idol


25. Behind Blue Eyes



26. Girl, Why friend Wanna do Me Blue

The Temptations


27. Blue Moon



28. Blue Collar Man



29. Old Blue

The Byrds


30. Blue Mesa

Randy Travis


31. The end of the Blue

Debbie Gibson


32. Pale Blue Eyes

Velvet Underground


33. Mr. Blue Sky

Electric irradiate Orchestra


34. Out of the Blue



35. Mine Blue Angel

Aaron Tippon


36. Out of the Blue



37. Blue Lights

Cole Swindell


38. Blue Island

Bee Gees


39. Your Blue Room



40. Track Sung Blue

Neil Diamond


41. Blue Moon of Kentucky

Alan Jackson


42. Blue ~ above Blue

Bobby Vinton


43. Thin Blue Flame

Josh Ritter


44. Blue Highway

George Thorogood & The Destroyers


45. Don't It do My Brown eyes Blue

Crystal Gayle


46. Right into the Blue

Kylie Minogue


47. Blue

Zayn Malik


48. Bullet The Blue Sky



49. Blue Memories

Patty Loveless


50. Blue

LeAnn Rimes


51. Blue Morning In The Rain

Chris Rea


52. Provided To Blue

Sawyer Brown


53. Carribean Blue



54. So Blue



55. Does that Blue Moon ever Shine on You

Toby Keith


56. Navy Blue

Diane Renay


57. Electrical Blue



58. Between Blue Eyes and Jeans

Conway Twitty


59. Moody Blue

Elvis Presley


60. Dark Blue

Jack's Mannequin


61. Blue Lights

Jorja Smith


62. Blue Monday

New Order


63. California Blue

Roy Orbison


64. Electrical Blue

Arcade Fire


65. In between The Devil and The Deep Blue Sea

George Harrison


66. Blue Eyes



67. Clear Blue Eyes

Amos Lee


68. How Big, exactly how Blue, how Beautiful

Florence + The Machine


69. Royal Blue

Rudy Currence


70. Lady in Blue

Joe Dolan


71. Blue Skies

Willie Nelson


72. My Blue Heaven

Norah Jones


73. Suite: Judy Blue Eyes

Crosby, Stills & Nash


74. Decision Blue Persuasion

Tommy James & The Shondells


75. Counting Blue Cars



76. Hey, baby Blue

Lana Del Rey


77. Blue clean Sky

George Strait


78. True Blue



79. Blue Jeans

Lana Del Rey


80. Clearest Blue



81. Am i Blue?

Ray Charles


82. Am ns Blue

George Strait


83. Blue and Sentimental

The King Cole Trio


84. Blue Gardenia

Nat King Cole


85. Red Roses for a Blue Lady

Wayne Newton


86. Infant Blue Sedan

Modest Mouse


87. Blue (Da Ba Dee)

Eiffel 65


Questions & Answers

Question: What is the one fight wonder with blue in the title?

Answer: There to be a track in 1996 by Dishwalla dubbed "Counting Blue Cars." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Clxtg2pFTQM

Question: execute you know the tune titled “Blue”? I’m not certain of the singer. The key lyric is “let’s acquire blue” and repeats that a lot.

Answer: The closest point I can find to be a formerly unreleased Prince song that has recently been released from his vault (2018), taped in 1990. That is dubbed "Get Blue."