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How around a Playlist the Kissing country Songs?

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You’ve Been finest Friends for a long Time, yet Something’s Changing, and You’re a little bit Freaked around it.

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Your best friend wake up to be the same person you’re fall in love with, or if you’re lucky, are already in love with. Please leaving it to country music to market a arsenal of ideal songs come express these feelings. Below are a collection of nation songs about friends fallout’s in love.

Whether you’re in love through a friend and are fear to tell them, married to your ideal friend already, or to be childhood sweethearts destined to it is in together, you’ll discover just the right words in this four nation songs featured in the videos above.

The 4 songs detailed below room featured in the above video clip playlist.

Tear drops on my Guitar, by Taylor Swift

This song is about a girl who has had a long-time to like on a boy that views their partnership as just friends. He confides in her around his newfound love all the time, never knowing that his ‘best friend’ loves him. Carry out they obtain together in the end? Well, ns won’t spoil it if friend haven’t checked out the video.

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Mary’s Song 

Mary’s tune is the best girl and also boy following door song. The lyrics tell the story of a girl and boy who have actually been friends since they were tiny tykes. Your parents constantly thought it was cute to see them together. They would certainly joke around the kids getting together as grown-ups. That’s exactly what happens. Ns would speak to the song, lyrics, and video clip “A Norman Rockwell nation Song.”

My finest Friend, by Tim McGraw

My ideal Friend, by Tim McGraw – A emotional song with lyrics around a man and the love the his life. Return the words space certainly appropriate for a pair celebrating a special occasion, it’s also an ideal an option when the partnership has advanced to finest friend status.

Complicated through Carolyn Dawn Johnson

This tune is around a girl frustrated through her conflicted love feelings because that a friend. That doesn’t recognize she loves him, and she’s not sure what come do. Should she speak it? need to she phone call you how she feels?