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Maria. From Montclair, Cai simply ate pizza 30 mins. Agoadvertising causes therapy.Gage from Rome, Gaits about advertisingKyrylo indigenous Rivne, Oni assumed it always was a weird surname for chicken stew.Aki from Sunrise, FlI heard someone say that the intro deserve to be taken sexually.Ballgame"s in the refrigerator ~ He"s about to score and he knows it.Door is close up door ~ LiteralLights space out ~ LiteralButter"s gaining hard! ~ You have the right to guess what this means.Ian from Larksville, PaIt definetly nails the advertisement sector in the face. They reason people psychological stress v the use of billboards, commercials, ads in the paper.Martin native Thames, brand-new Zealandthis tune is about how people are brain washed right into thinking lock "need" rather of "want".Blake indigenous Hamilton, OhThis is definitely about marketing. "Chic N Stu" is based on the Lakers announcers Chic Hearns, and also Stu Bergen, yet that"s simply the title. In my oinion, it"s saying how proclaiming has end up being so well-known that even in BASKETBALL gamings there are also advertising. Such together maybe, Chic, or Stu told America come "Buy Domino"s Pizza at fifty percent price on Tuesdays" in the middle of a game. Anyway, ns think it"s pretty apparent of what it"s saying.Cardio Toxin native El Paso, TxI am going to need to agree the this is around marketing. Serj was studied marketing at some time that his life.Jeff indigenous La Pine, OrMy friend and i are huge system that a down fans and also we"ve to be trying to find their offical and also unoffical albums due to the fact that we met. At an initial he believed the track was about eating pizza and we didnt recognize the surname of it then. At the time we had actually every mechanism of a down album except steal this album and also one other one we"re still trying to uncover (well that has all of them other than that one on his X box 360 and also im lacking Mezmerize Toxicity stealing This Album and also the other one).Rebka indigenous Crapville, Wythe mechanism is weird and funny.Julius Von Brunk from Lancaster, PaIt"s funny that a many SOAD"s song are around "evil" or "greedy" corporations... The very same corporations the pay your salaries, and also the same marketing/commercialism that allows people to buy your albums and merchandise. Just how ironic.Ozzzy from Sydney, AustraliaIt"s funny how we recognise that advetising screws us right into buying crap once it"s in a song, however now when we room actually subjected to the advertising itself, and also subconsciously affected...Tyler native VictoriaFrom what ns know, when the net title was "Therapy" it to be mislabeled. But I can be wrong.Danny indigenous Franklin, GaThis is a funny song! Would"ve do a good video!Queen from Carmel, Nythis is an impressive song the shows just how advertizing will have you go out and also buy points that you perform not need and also how advertizing corupts peopleMax from new York, NyThis track like mainly every track on the 3rd album was actually roughly 3 possibly 4 year old in ~ the time. Castle just determined they were also lazy to make brand-new ones. Most of their an ext popular much better songs aren"t on your albums anyway.James native Covina, CaSystem that a Down should be pan of Adbusters magazineDennis from Toledo, OhIt"s based upon the Laker announcers, but the broader theme is exactly how advertising reasons need. Other than learning who Chick n" Stu are and understanding the modified heat "Walk right into the refridgerator", this tune literally explains itself fairly well in the repeating lyrics. Quiet a neat, fast paced track though.James from Covina, CaI know the title is refering come L.A. Laker announcers Chick Hearn and also Stu Lantz. "Ballgame"s in the refridgerator..." is what the so late Chick Hearn said when the Lakers had the game in the bag.see more comments
Walk choose a ManThe 4 Seasons

The 4 Seasons" "Walk prefer a Man" to be the very first Hot 100 #1 hit to attribute a simile in that is title.

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RhiannonFleetwood Mac

"Rhiannon" is a Welch goddess. Stevie Nicks wrote the song, and it to be a substantial influence on she image, motivating her flowing shawls and black outfits she started wearing top top stage.

She"s A RainbowThe roll Stones

It was never a large hit, however "She"s A Rainbow" ended up being one the the most well-known Rolling Stones songs in the digital period when it started arriving in advertising (iMac, Photoshop), and TV mirrors (American horror Story: Coven, Ted Lasso).


"Spoonman" through Soundgarden is around a genuine street show in Seattle: Artis the Spoonman.

Sweet son O" MineGuns N" Roses

"Sweet boy O" Mine" is around Erin Everly, that was Axl Rose"s girlfriend in ~ the time. She is the daughter the Don Everly the the Everly Brothers.

RadioactiveImagine dragon

"Radioactive" set an industry record for the slowest climb to the top 5 in the warm 100 chart"s history when it jumped indigenous #6 come #4 in the 42nd week.

man ParrSongwriter Interviews

John speak the "St. Elmo"s Fire (Man In Motion)" story and also explains why that disappeared because that so long.

Producer Ron NevisonSong writing

Ron Nevison explains in an extremely clear state the Quadrophenia concept and also how heart staged their revival after gift dropped through their record company.

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Graham ParkerSongwriter Interviews

When Judd Apatow essential under-appreciated rockers because that his Knocked up sequel, he immediately thought the Parker, who just happened to be gaining his tape The Rumour earlier together.

weird Al YankovicFact or Fiction

Did Al play on a Beach boys record? walk he have beef through George Lucas and also Coolio? check out if you have the right to spot weird however true stories.

Desmond ChildSongwriter Interviews

One that the many successful songwriters in the business, Desmond co-wrote "Livin" La Vida Loca," "Dude (Looks like A Lady)" and "Livin" top top A Prayer."

Loudon Wainwright IIISongwriter Interviews

"Dead Skunk" ended up being a stinker because that Loudon when he felt pressure to make an additional hit - his latest songs address mortality, his boy Rufus, and picking increase poop.