It to be a warm and also beautiful drive down to Corona Del Mar. Ns was over there to interview Tad Devine for my documentary “The paris Man: Life and Times of Johnny Myers.” Tad is a an excellent guy. He is the oldest son that the renowned actor Andy Devine and also he knew Johnny Myers ever because he to be a tiny kid. I have always been a fan of Andy Devine. He remained in my favorite movie of every time, the man Ford and also John Wayne film “Stagecoach.” Andy Devine had worked in Hollywood because the silent days, had tremendous success both in the movies and also on television. He had actually a an extremely successful television display for many years. Tad go a an excellent job in the interview. That told me some terrific stories about his household history, exactly how his mother’s family members raised horses and also his father’s family members ran a hotel in Kingman, Arizona for countless years. That talked around how his father came to Hollywood and got right into the movies since of his football playing. Tad told me exactly how his father gained that distinct voice that ended up being his trademark. Then us talked about Johnny Myers. Tad had met Johnny Myers once he was an extremely young. Man Myers was one of the world’s very first entertainment attorneys and also had operated with plenty of of the most famous movie stars in the 30s, including Bing Crosby and also Andy Devine. Over the years man Myers became much more famous as a flyer and a test pilot. Yet he retained in touch through his friends, including Tad Devine. Tad talked about how your friendship endured all the way until Johnny passed away in his 90s. Ns asked Tad if he could tell me stories of john Wayne, since John Wayne was always my number one hero. Tad told me some great stories around John Wayne and his storage of his dad. I could tell that Tad was an extremely close to his father. Ns am an extremely grateful that Tad took the moment to permit me interview him because that my movie about Johnny Myers. It to be a good experience.

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My Father, prick Watson, was a very great friend of Andy Devine. As a teenager my Dad took me v him numerous times once he went to visit Andy in ~ his home in valve Nuys, CA. Ns met Tad and thought he was a great guy. My Dad to be the Head Cashier in ~ Warner Bros. Studio in Burbank, CA. Now Andy"s Niece, Robin Schwartz, and her husband, Arnie, have a ranch in the Prescott, AZ area, wherein my husband and also I live. I hope someday to accomplish them. Hello come Tad, from Marilyn (Watson). Signed, Marilyn Watson Andrus, Prescott, AZ
I met Tad Devine"s mother, "Dogie" and her sister at my grandmother"s house twenty years ago in McAllen, Texas whereby they were visting for a week. My stepgrandfather, invoice Harder, and also Andy Devine had been good friends for numerous years. I think lock met originally through the yearly "One shooting Antelope Hunt" in Wyoming in which many Hollywood celebrities participated. Dogie and her sister had some an excellent stories to tell about Hollywood. She sister likewise had a career in movies as the stunt dual for Maureen O"Hara. Dogie and also her sister were so lot fun to talk with.

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Thanks because that the article as I"d be in search of information around Mr. Andy Devine"s children, and also came upon her article. Ns so enjoyed Tad"s dad"s movies (which might seem unexplained for a black woman) and just want to discover out if Tad and his brother Dennie acted together (or personal for the matter), after appearing with their dad. An excellent article. Thanks.