I remember see comedians tell the hoax on television, however those who supplied it the many were physicians at cocktail parties.

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at your median cocktail party friend wouldn’t pull an accountant beside to take a look in ~ your tax returns or questioning a jeweler come estimate just how much a diamond engagement ring to be worth. However too many human being are ready to ask a medical professional at the party to provide a fast diagnosis of that little pain they have actually in your side. The share answer the physician would give was “Take two aspirin and also call mine office in the morning.”

Enteric Coated Aspirin | photo by huffingtonpost.com

I take one full-strength 325 mg. Aspirin every work to protect against the blood from coagulation in my best leg. The deep femoral vein had actually a clot in it back in 1966. The gerean was removed, but the medical professional said i would must keep taking the aspirin to prevent future clotting. That lot aspirin can do damages to the lining of her stomach, so ns take the sort that is enteric coated. That way the coating avoids the aspirin from dissolving in mine stomach wherein it can do damage. Many people take a lower strength aspirin daily to avoid heart attacks and it is even suggested to chew an aspirin if friend are having a heart attack.

Thinking around all the this I started to wonder exactly how aspirin came to be such a valuable medical wonder. So, I began to carry out some research right into this “wonder drug.” Aspirin, known by the medical community as acetylsalicylic acid or (ASA), is according to Wikipedia ” a component of a group of medications dubbed nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medicine (NSAIDs), but differs from various other NSAIDs in the system of action.”

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Going method back with time the services of pasture tree bark have actually been well-known for much more than 2,400 years. Hippocrates in reality prescribed pasture tree bark because that headaches. Edward Stone of Wadham College, college of Oxford in England is attributed with an initial isolating salicylic mountain from the bark the the pasture tree in 1763.

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A chemist in ~ Bayer in Wuppertal, Germany named Felix Hoffman was the an initial to synthesize aspirin in 1894. i really enjoy doing this type of investigative research due to the fact that I always seem to destruction out a truth or 2 that i didn’t recognize previously. This time I uncovered the surprising truth that Bayer in reality owns the registered trademark on the word Aspirin.

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The agency registered the trademark in Berlin, Germany in 1899 and in 1900 patented it in the united States. In the countries where they host the trademark aspirin is known by the generic name mentioned prior to as acetylsalicylic acid.

Chemical structure of Acetylsalicylic mountain | photo by colourbox.com

For those of you who reap science the image above is the chemistry formula for acetylsalicylic acid. We recognize where and how aspirin originated and also that it was offered for a few purposes. The proof the aspirin is a wonder medicine is in how countless uses it has in todays “modern world of medicine.” right here is a list, no complete, of some of its uses. 1) because that fever and inflammatory diseases. 2) because that acute pain. 3) for Headache. 4) For basic inflammation. 5) for heart attacks and also strokes. 6) because that those with high threat of having actually a 2nd heart affix or stroke. 7) because that after surgical procedure to avoid the development of blood clots. 8) for cancer prevention (It is thought to reduce the threat of some cancers).

Some Contraindications for Aspirin | image by slideplayer.com

According to Wikipedia there space some situations in i beg your pardon aspirin should not be used. The medical community calls lock “contraindications.” This list gives some of those situations. 1) If you space allergic come ibuprofen or naproxen or have intolerance come salicylate aspirin is contraindicated. 2) human being with peptic ulcers, soft diabetes or gastritis should examine with their doctor prior to using aspirin. 3) Aspirin deserve to increase the danger of gastrointestinal bleeding and should be avoided by people taking blood thinning medications. 4) youngsters or adolescents under 18 years-of-age, follow to clinical studies, need to not take it aspirin because that a fever due to the opportunity of resulting in Reye’s Syndrome. The U.S. Food and also Drug administration officially recommends that youngsters under the period of 12 need to not be provided aspirin for heat symptoms.

Now that you have actually seen the services and possible problems v using aspirin you can far better judge for yourself if it is a medicine you will use for the purposes I have actually outlined and also have a conversation with her physician.

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