But for part area players, that is a list unseen by them together starters for their respective football teams. Numerous high school players nothing consult list on websites and still rely on others as soon as deciding what is safe or no safe to take throughout their training season.

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One product, C4 Extreme, manufactured by Cellucor International, to be responsible because that the suspensions of ten football players from Menomonie, Wis., because that the an initial three games of the season, according to the Eau Claire Ledger-Telegram. Institution officials in July were tipped off by the athletes’ use of the “pre-workout supplement” and the players admitted acquisition the product.

There is no age restriction to purchase C4 Extreme, i beg your pardon is easily accessible for almost $50 at the GNC save in Willowbrook.

Hinsdale central junior center Brian Allen admitted using C4 almost a year back with his larger brother, Jack, a former Red Devils star and current beginning left guard for Michigan State’s football team. Both Allen brothers have been amongst the height wrestlers in the state the previous two years.

“With Jack at Michigan State, obviously that was acquisition C4; me and him were taking it since we to be lifting weights,” Brian said.

The brothers stopped taking the supplement when one that its ingredients showed up on the NCAA’s banned perform of substances.

The label on C4 Extreme includes the following: “Athlete Disclosure: as result of the distinct restrictions the amateur and also professional sports establishments (e.g. WADA, NCAA, NFL, MLB, NBA, UIL, etc.), the is recommended the you consult v the suitable governing body prior to taking this or any other dietary complement product. This product contains 1, 3-Dimethylamylamine (also recognized as Methylhexanamine), i m sorry is banned by some sports organizations.”

The football football player in Wisconsin were uncovered in violation of their school district’s plan of consuming a banned substance by the Wisconsin Interscholastic strong Association.

But C4 Extreme also contains creatine, a usual non-steroid workout supplement. A 2002 university of Wisconsin study established that 25 percent of male high institution athletes in that state were taking creatine.

IHSA Associative executive Director kurt Gibson said only two students have actually tested positive for Performance boosting Substances since the Bloomington-based organization started experimentation after state final occasions four year ago. Gibson stated the IHSA prefers using the hatchet PES rather of the much more common PED.

According come Gibson, no athlete in Illinois has actually publicly acknowledged using a PES like in Wisconsin.

“We need to determine if the a optimistic test, even if it is they have taken a substance or bring away a Sucret,” Gibson said. “Some kids are ~ above a medication that can be on the test.”

Every athletic coach in the IHSA is forced to complete a regimen on the prevention of PES abuse and also each coach must finish an exam provided only once. The Indianapolis-based nationwide Federation of State High college Associations’ Sports medication Advisory Committee “strongly opposes the use of dietary supplements for the objective of strong advantage.”

Former Wheaton Warrenville south star Jon Beutjer, who quarterbacked in ~ Illinois, is in his third season as an assistant coach at Lyons and sees exactly how today’s players space constantly looking for success ~ above the football field.

“‘We tell them, if over there is any type of question, lock shouldn’t take it it,” Beutjer said. “We encourage them come take herbal things.”

One of Lyons’ top players is Pennsylvania-bound attack lineman Nick Demes, who claimed he has heard the anti-steroids message because taking a health class each year due to the fact that the 4th grade. Demes stated he has seen the YouTube video of human body builder Gregg Valentino’s arms, which “exploded” native overuse of steroids. The documentary video has garnered an ext than 2.6 million hits.

“Coaches need to know what’s finest for us,” Demes said. “They recognize we deserve to win without chemistry or drugs.”

Allen, Demes and Oak Park-River woodland right tackle Joshua Hale cite proper nutrition together their major concern throughout the season.

“I think about eating the right foods,” claimed Hale, a junior. “I nothing think of noþeles extra.”

All 3 lineman admitted they have never watched the IHSA’s perform of prohibition substances. Hale would prefer to play department I football at some point although he’s currently 6-foot-3, 230 pounds.

“I think department I athletes take stuff to obtain better,” Hale said.

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As Hinsdale Central’s third-year strong trainer, sarah Carlson routinely receives concerns from athletes around what they deserve to or can not take. Carlson said most of the concerns are around subscription medicine.

“I think acquisition has constantly been around,” Carlson said. “If you take the story in Wisconsin, maybe people will wake up up and think that us can’t forget around this.”