Robinson Projection

Robinson dubbed this the orthophanic projection (which means “right appearing”), yet this name never caught on. In at the very least one referral book, this forecast is termed the Pseudocylindrical forecast with Pole Line, i m sorry is highly descriptive (the “pole line” comes from the fact that the North and South Poles ~ above a Robinson forecast are presented as lines and not points), but so unwieldily the it is not surprising that this name additionally failed to gain much acceptance.

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The “Robinson projection” is unquestionably the name of choice. The Robinson forecast is highly unique. Unlike all other projections, Professor Robinson walk not develop this estimate by developing brand-new geometric formulas to transform latitude and longitude coordinates from the surface ar of the design of the planet to areas on the map. Instead, Robinson offered a huge variety of trial-and-error computer simulations to develop a table that allows a cartographer come look up just how far above or listed below a Robinson map’s equator a particular line that latitude will certainly be located, and then to estimate (via a an easy interpolation process) where along this line a specific longitude will fall. Come this day, no other projection uses this strategy to develop a map.

Form:The Robinson estimate can finest be defined as gift pseudocylindrical, however given that unique an approach of development, that does not fall perfectly into any known kind category.

Case:The Robinson forecast is basically secant, with lines the tangency running follow me the 38° 0′ 0″N and also 38° 0′ 0″S lines of latitude.

Aspect:Robinson projections have normal aspects.

Variation within Robinson Projections:Robinson projections differ from one an additional in the locations of their central meridians.


Shearing: The Robinson projection is no conformal; shapes are distorted more than they would certainly be in a truly conformal projection. However, forms are no distorted an extremely badly within around 45° phibìc or southern of the equator or within around 45° that the map’s main meridian. Past these limits, shape distortion deserve to be quite severe.

Tearing:Robinson maps present lines that latitude as parallel directly lines and lines of longitude together nonparallel present that become increasingly curved together you relocate farther far from the map’s central meridian. The poles are displayed as straight lines (0.5322 times as lengthy as the equator) and the east and west edge of the map are curved lines 180° indigenous the map’s central meridian. This east and also west edges room markedly less curved than space the edges of other pseudocylindrical projections (the result being that the Robinson projection typically suffers from less shearing than do other pseudocylindrical projections). Tearing occurs along the edge of a Robinson map.

Compression:Robinson projections are not equivalent; they do suffer from compression. However, the quantity of area distortion is usually low within about 45° the the equator.

Equivalence:Robinson projections are not equivalent; they carry out suffer from compression. However, the lot of area distortion is typically low within around 45° of the equator.

Conformality:The Robinson estimate is no conformal; shapes are distorted much more than they would be in a truly conformal projection. However, forms are no distorted really badly within about 45° north or southern of the equator or within around 45° that the map’s central meridian.

Equidistance:The Robinson estimate is no equidistant; over there is no point or points from which all distances are presented accurately.

Azimuthality: The Robinson estimate is not azimuthal; there is no allude or points native which all directions are displayed accurately.

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UsesThe Robinson estimate is unique. Its primary purpose is to develop visually appeal maps that the whole world. The is a compromise projection; that does not eliminate any form of distortion, however it keeps the levels of all types of distortion fairly low over most of the map.