We can define capacitance together the proportion of the adjust in an electric charge in a mechanism to the corresponding readjust in its electrical potential.

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The unit of capacitance is listed in this article in a thorough manner so that learners have the right to understand the principle easily.

Usually, there space two forms of capacitance namely self and mutual capacitance. We have covered the topic of capacitor and capacitance in ours previous short article which you can go through. However, in this page, we will certainly learn about the measure up units.

SI Unit that Capacitance

The SI unit of electrical capacitance is Farad which is stood for by the symbol F. The unit is largely named after ~ English physicist Michael Faraday. Farad is additionally defined as the capacity of an item or human body to store an electric charge. The is stood for in terms of SI base units choose s4⋅A2⋅m-2⋅kg-1. The can further be to express as:



F is FaradV is VoltA is AmpereJ is JouleC is CoulombN is Newtonm is MetreW is watts is Secondkg is KilogramHz is HertzΩ is OhmH is Henry

While the an easy unit that capacitance is farad, but this unit is actually too huge for any type of practical work. Come make things easier, the capacitance is also measured in microfarads abbreviated as μF or mfd and also picofarads abbreviated as pF.


Other Capacitance Units

There are assorted other units of capacitance. Few of the various other units are provided below.

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Abfarad (abbreviated abF) i beg your pardon is an obsolete CGS unit the capacitance same to 109 farads (1 gigafarad, GF).Another rarely provided CGS unit is statfarad (abbreviated statF) and it is indistinguishable to the capacitance that a capacitor through a fee of 1 statcoulomb throughout a potential distinction of 1 statvolt. In state or farad, it is 1/(10−5c2) i beg your pardon is roughly 1.1126 picofarads.


Common symbolsC
SI unitFarad (F)
In SI base unitsF = A2 s4 kg−1 m−2
Other unitsμF, nF, pF

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