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Kit grow up considerably throughout the book, finding out to survive in a various culture.

Kit Tyler go from gift a sheltered rich girl come a normally successful Puritan end the food of the book. The culture she thrived up in is totally different indigenous the one she find herself in...

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Kit grows up substantially throughout the book, learning to make it through in a different culture.

Kit Tyler goes from gift a sheltered rich girl to a typically successful Puritan end the food of the book. The culture she thrived up in is fully different native the one she find herself in once she is in Wethersfield. She prospered up in warmth Barbados with slaves to carry out her work, reading Shakespeare and also generally life a life of luxury. Wethersfield is cold and also harsh, with hard work and also strict rules.

One that the first mistakes Kit makes is come jump into the water to try to retrieve Prudence’s doll. This is a substantial mistake because no one in Wethersfield swims. The Puritans think that if a mrs is in the water and also doesn’t sink, she should be a witch. Kit has no idea around these beliefs. She just wants to assist the small girl.

On the delivery on the method to Wethersfield, Kit meets Nat Eaton. In ~ first, their connection is an ext like a pair of bickering teenagers. They obtain under every other’s skin. However, Nat is actually one of the couple of people to know Kit. He creates an interest in her, and also she realizes that much later on on. This present is proof that Kit is changing, and growing up.

When Kit an initial arrives in Wethersfield, she has actually trunks of helpful beautiful dresses and also no practical skills. Since she desires to it is in of use to she aunt and also uncle, Kit tries to learn exactly how to do family chores. She is provided to having slaves to do them. She has never really had to do hard labor. Kit never ever really pertains to enjoy work, yet she walk get much better at it.

Another that the ways Kit is different from the usual Wethersfield resides is that she befriends Hannah Tupper, one old mrs everyone think is a witch. Nat also cares about Hannah, and also comes to help her out whenever his delivery brings him in town. This is exactly how Nat and also Kit gain to understand each various other better.

Kit seems to recognize that she will at some point have to gain married. She catches the eye that a very eligible bachelor called William Ashby, that happens to be rich.

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If she should plenty of William Ashby, would certainly he intend her to weed his vegetables because that him? she hands stopped moving at all while she considered this. No, she to be quite details he never would. Did the seem most likely that his mother, who sat so elegantly in meeting, had ever touched a chokeweed? (Ch. 8) 

Although Kit can live a comparatively luxurious life through William, she realizes she is not in love v him. For a if she tries to gain to know him, yet there is simply no attraction between them. As soon as Nat illuminates the house Ashby is building for Kit v jack-o-lanterns, Kit realizes he is jealous. She also comes come the knowledge that Nat is in love with her, and also she loves that too. 

Nat compare Kit come a dry bird. 

Kit giggled. "Are you saying i have turned into a crow?"

"Not exactly." His eye were intensely blue v merriment. "I deserve to still see the green feathers if i look hard enough. But they"ve done their ideal to do you into a sparrow, haven"t they?" (Ch. 12) 

He believes the she will never fit in there, no matter how hard she tries. She realizes that he right. She is lot happier traveling the seas with him than trying to keep house in the frigid winters of Connecticut. Component of farming up is coming to know who you are, and what you really want. Kit does this, eventually.