Summary: action II, step ii

As Puck paris off to seek the flower, Demetrius and also Helenapass through the glade. Oberon provides himself invisible so that hecan watch and also hear them. Demetrius harangues Helena, speak thathe does no love her, does not desire to watch her, and wishes thatshe would certainly stop complying with him immediately. The curses Lysander and also Hermia,whom he is pursuing, hoping to protect against their marriage and also slay Lysander.Helena repetitively declares she adoration for, and also loyalty to, Demetrius,who consistently insults her. They leave the grove, through Helena followingclosely behind Demetrius, and Oberon materializes. He declares thatbefore the night is out, Demetrius will certainly be the one chasing Helena.

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Puck appears, carrying the flower who juice will serveas the love potion. Oberon take away the flower and also says that he knowsof a fragrant stream financial institution surrounded v flowers wherein Titaniaoften sleeps. Before hurrying far to anoint Titania’s eyelids withthe flower’s juice, Oberon orders Puck come look for an Athenian youth beingpursued by a lady and also to put some of the juice ~ above the disdainfulyouth’s eyelids, for this reason that as soon as he wakes the will fall in love withthe lady. He notifies Puck that he will recognize the youth by his Athenian garb.Puck agrees to bring out his master’s wishes.

After she dancing and also revelry, Titania drops asleep bythe present bank. Oberon creeps increase on her and squeezes the flower’sjuice onto she eyelids, chanting a spell, so that Titania will certainly fallin love through the an initial creature she watch upon waking. Oberon departs,and Lysander and also Hermia wander into the glade. Lysander admits thathe has actually forgotten the way to his aunt’s house and also says that theyshould sleep in the forest until morning, once they can find theirway by daylight. Lysander desire to sleep close come Hermia, yet sheinsists that they sleep apart, to respect custom and also propriety.At some distance from every other, they fall asleep.

Puck enters, complaining the he has looked everywherebut cannot uncover an Athenian youth and pursuing lady. The is relievedwhen he lastly happens upon the sleeping develops of Lysander andHermia, assuming that they space the Athenians of whom Oberonspoke. Noticing the the 2 are resting apart, Puck surmises thatthe youth refuse to allow Hermia come closer to him. Phone call hima “churl,” Puck spreads the potion on Lysander’s eyelids, and hedeparts.

Simultaneously, Helena pursues Demetrius v the glade. Heinsults her again and also insists the she no longer follow him. She complainsthat she is afraid of the dark, however he however storms off withouther. Saying the she is the end of breath, Helena remains behind, bemoaningher unrequited love. She look at the resting Lysander and also wakes himup. The potion takes effect, and also Lysander drops deeply in love withHelena. He starts to prayer her beauty and to explain his undyingpassion because that her. Disbelieving, Helena reminds him that he lovesHermia; that declares the Hermia is nothing to him. Helena believesthat Lysander is making fun of her, and also she grows angry. She leavesin a huff, and also Lysander adheres to after her. Hermia quickly wakes andis shocked to find that Lysander is gone. She stumbles right into thewoods to discover him.

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Act II, step ii introduces the plot device of the lovepotion, i m sorry Shakespeare offers to discover the comic possibilitiesinherent in the motif of love the end of balance. Oberon’s meddlingin the work of humans further disrupts the love equilibrium,and the love potion symbolizes the reality that the lovers themselveswill not factor out your dilemmas; rather, an exterior force—magic—willresolve the love tangle.