Celebrate the 150th anniversary of up on the Housetop, the classic Christmas song written by Benjamin Hanby in 1864, v these free printable lyrics.

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Up on the Housetop Printable Song Lyrics

Click come download the pdf printable black color & White variation Up top top the Housetop Pdf.

What are the lyrics to Up ~ above the Housetop?

Up top top the housetop reindeer pawsOut jumps an excellent Old Santa ClausDown v the chimney with lots of toysAll because that the tiny ones, Christmas joys

CHORUSHo, ho ho! who wouldn’t go?Ho, ho ho! who wouldn’t go?Up on the housetop, click, click, clickDown v the chimneywith an excellent Saint Nick

First come the fall of small NellOh, too ~ Santa to fill it wellGive her a dolly the laughs and criesOne that will certainly open and also shut her eyesREPEAT CHORUS

Next comes the autumn of small WillOh, simply see what a glorious fillHere is a hammer and lots the tacksAlso a ball and also a whip the cracksREPEAT CHORUS

What to be the initial lyrics come Up top top the Housetop?

Santa may Not it is in Recognized (Original Title, 1864 through Benjamin Hanby)Up on the house top, no delay, no pauseClatter the steeds that Santa Claus;Down thro’ the chimney with tons of toysHo for the small ones, Christmas joys.O! O! O! that wouldn’t go.O! O! O! that wouldn’t go,Up top top the home top, click! click! click!Down thro’ the chimney with good St. Nick.Look in the fall of small Will,Ha! Is it no a “glorious bill?”Hammer and also gimlet and lots that tacks,Whistle and whirligig, whip the cracks.Snow-white stocking of little Nell,Oh pretty Santa cram it well;Leave she a dolly the laughs and also cries,One that can open and also shut its eye

150th Anniversary of Up on the Housetop

Up ~ above the Housetop is America’s favorite Christmas song around Santa. Written by church minister, Benjamin Russell Hanby in 1864 for a church sing-along, increase on the Housetop is just one of the first entirely secular Christmas songs.

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2014 point out the 150 anniversary of up on the Housetop. Hanby house in Westerville Ohio is ~ above the nationwide Register of historic Places and also a designated unified Methodist Landmark. In 2011, the nationwide Park organization also recognized Hanby house as an important Underground railroad site.

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