because that rental agencies and also companies, the cars owned would be a fleet. Numerous cars escorting a VIP would be a motorcade.

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However, what if I desire to say:

I dislike being the lone driver in an empty stretch of highway, so i may end up speeding to acquire from the <group the cars> behind me come the <group the cars> in front.

Is there a great collective noun the would use to this situation? Or would certainly it it is in a issue of picking a basic term, choose group, cluster, block etc.



Since there shows up to be no exact technical term because that a bunch the independent car traveling with each other on a thoroughfare, friend will have to go with wider terminology. I would choose to to speak group the cars (which is what you began with) or also just cars as Oldcat proposed. Because there isn"t a committed term because that it, many variations that this will certainly be interpreted just together well.

I dislike gift the lone driver in an empty stretch of highway, so ns may finish up speeding to gain from the cars behind me to the cars in front.

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A usual word as a collective noun is line (as in a heat of cars). Through this word, girlfriend can also specifically average the dare on your lane yet it can be used for the row of car on all lanes. Though, it can mean a production line the cars additionally in a service context.

Based on her example, i searched "line of dare behind" and also "line of dare in front" in Google Books and there are a the majority of hits. Some instance usages native the results:

About this time someone noticed that a couple of large semi van had end up being entangled in the heat of cars behind us.

The drivers in the lengthy line of cars behind them, tried really hard not to gain lost ~ above their way to the resort.

By Isabelle Stamler - 2013>

There to be a line of cars in front of him, inching slowly forward.

I additionally found a blog website which addresses the same question and tries to answer in detail. Traffic additionally comes to the mental of author but he defines why it cannot be a cumulative noun for cars together below and he additionally comes up through a lot of suggestions together a collective noun:

I thought probably “traffic” can be the ideal collective noun. However in his book Traffic: Why us Drive the method We Do, Tom Vanderbilt defines that the word “traffic” initially referred to trade and the movement of goods, and also was a hopeful word. Then it come to likewise refer come the world who were relocating goods. And as “traffic” meant human being moving things to trade, that all concerned mean civilization moving vehicles in search of commerce. I m sorry is pretty much what it way today, due to the fact that the worst traffic jams occur as numerous people shot to acquire to work. In any type of event, “traffic” method cars and also people, for this reason it can not be the right collective noun for cars.

A to compare of usual usages (a group of cars, a cluster of cars, a fill of cars, a bunch that cars, a block the cars, a to like of cars) top top Google Ngram Viewer:


Finally, the is precious to point out mayhem however it is not frequently used as a cumulative noun and it additionally has a sense of traffic mayhem i beg your pardon is a an ext commonly offered phrase.

The publication "A Compendium of cumulative Nouns: native an Armory that Aardvarks to a Zeal the Zebras" (By Woop Studios, Jay Sacher) mentions mayhem together with fleet and also stack as a cumulative noun for cars. Together you said, fleet is greatly used in organization context and stack is mostly used for the dare that are piled up on height of each other in a junkyard.


Example usages that mayhem:

With the cheapest petrol in the world and no traffic legislations or rate limits, the Nigerian highways are a chaos of cars overtaking each other to the left and also right.

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By thomas A. Bass - 1990>

To motorists who have endured the mayhem that cars, motorbikes, barrows and container trucks the clog the alternate route, the brand-new road looks favor an evident moneyspinner.