Game emulators room such amazing and brilliant applications developed by generosity programmers. This application enables users to play virtually any gamings on a computer system or mobile an equipment without making use of the actual video game console.

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However, upon using your favourite emulator, sometimes, you might experience a strange and also annoying problem. One common problem is the interior Battery operation Dry Error because that Visual Boy breakthrough GBA emulator.

The 2nd most famous error is the “1m sub-circuit board is not installed” i m sorry we space going to deal with in this article and hopefully will fix your trouble if you’re suffering it right now.


Steps on just how to solve 1m sub-circuit board is not mounted error

Fixing “1m sub-circuit plank is not installed” error is exceptionally easy and straightforward, although no all, many emulators have the feature to deal with this issue. The deal with is merely changing the save kind from flash 64kb to flash 128kb.



In VisualBoy AdvanceGo to Options -> Emulator -> Save Type -> and finally, choose Flash 128K.For MyBoy (Popular GBA emulator for Android)Go come More -> Settings -> Advanced -> Cartidge conserve type -> pick Flash 128K.

Why & how Does This Error Happen?

In most cases, this error occurs when you have actually 64kb save species instead that 128. Some emulators have actually a severe difficulty when conserving a game, instead of 128kb it automatically saves come 64kb. If this wake up to you, use the alternate fix below.

Alternative Fix

For visual Boy development users, if the error stubborn after following the mentioned steps above, offer this different solution a try. Zorlon, the forum administrator the emuparadise developed a variation of vba-over.ini that will solve the issue. What the record does is, it auto-setup the gamings that carry out not auto-detect correctly.


Download the file, extract, copy vba-over.ini, and paste it in the very same folder ar where her VisualBoy advancement is.

To amount This Up

1m sub-circuit board is not installed is a typical error that commonly occurs as soon as using visual Boy breakthrough emulator. Luckily, there’s a rapid fix because that this, through merely transforming the save type to 128K.

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Did the deal with mentioned above solve your problem? ns would favor to hear around your experience regarding this error and the measures you did you deal with it.