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I to buy a W Richards dual 12 side bar a couple of job ago. It"s a beautiful old gun, complete except because that forend tip. Matching numbers and solid in wood and metal with plenty of character wear.The next plates are significant W Richards. The optimal rib is marked W Richards London Lamented Steel.Every metal part has some engraving. What look at to it is in brass or browser color between hinge and also forend eight is what is left the some type of gilding.


I recognize it"s not a Westley Richards and also I recognize it"s value - specifically what i paid for it.My inquiries are,Are the proof marks Birmingham? Or space they fake?If the proof marks are correct, is over there any method to know if it is a gun made in brother by among the legitimate W Richards maker? Or assembled W Richards in Britain with Belgin parts?Or is the whole gun a fake W Richards?Appropriate date of manufacture?I"m not concerned about the value as i bought it because that what it remained in my hands. I would be happy come know an ext about it.Thanks,
I deserve to not see the marks well enough to be positive. The 14 with the marks to either side allude to a proof date in between 1855 and also 1868. The other marks (left of her photo) don"t look prefer anything native Birmingham. Additionally the London "Lamented" stole (should read Laminated) is suspicous. Any W Richards gun the I have actually come acrossshowed either your Preston or Liverpool attend to on the barrels but they may have been later guns.Certainly its worth looking in ~ the proof marks a bit closer however my impression is the the pistol is a Belgian fake. Girlfriend should be able to find recommendation to Birmingham proof Marks ~ above Google.

Another W. Richards side lever, several of which to be made through Clabrough and also marketed in the U.S. To the unknowing
* ... M/www/homeRichard Baxter (1615-1691), Directions against Covetousness"Be more careful to usage what you have, than to gain more."Kingsley Brown "Shoot more, shop less."
I have the right to not see the point out well sufficient to it is in positive. The 14 with the clues to either side allude to a proof date in between 1855 and also 1868. The other marks (left of your photo) don"t look like anything indigenous Birmingham. Likewise the London "Lamented" stole (should review Laminated) is suspicous. Any type of W Richards gun the I have actually come acrossshowed either their Preston or Liverpool deal with on the barrels however they may have been later guns.Certainly its precious looking at the proof marks a little closer but my impression is the the pistol is a Belgian fake. You should be able to find reference to Birmingham proof Marks on Google.

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Thanks,It is "Laminated". The manuscript is very faint and also I"m a bad speller.I"m perplexed by the 14. Ns would mean a 12 for gauge.I guess: v I"m trying to see things but I make the marks come left and right the 14 come be crossed arrows through leters within X. The smaller sized one come left possibly a an initial proof and also one to right second proor. The deep marks to the left the stylized BP with deep diamond be the crown. Maybe some Hoppes and toothbrush my lug out some detail.To the much right is a K on the left (lower) barrel. One more K is further up the very same barrel around 2". The serial number is top top the ideal barrel under the forearm.The water table has actually the serial number and also a couple of uncertain asterisks looking marks.I uncovered no address.Why would they walk to the trouble to fake evidence marks for the us market?
Many firearms were proofed in ~ 14 or 13 bore (i.e. Barrels gauged as such) however with a traditional 12 boring chamber. It way of course that the barrel wall surface thickness is going to be greater than a gun marked 12, this can only it is in a an excellent thing however makes because that a heavier gun.As regards the evidence marks, if you have the right to identify them every that would reinforce the concept that the gun is a genuine W Richards.The "faking" of names or proof marks was not unusual in the mid to late 1800"s, your median buyer would certainly be impresssed by the Richards name whereas the would probably pass on one unnamed gun.Good luck v it, somewhere on here there is a lot of details from attracted Hause regarding W Richards weapons which will provide you a far better idea 보다 I can.
Here you go. Figured out "Richards" tradename guns:Richards, A. Richards, W. Richards & W. Richards Norwich, Conn; one of two people Crescent make or H&D Folsom imported indigenous Belgium,A. Richards may have actually been a Pieper tradename,W. Richards marked guns made by J.P. Clabrough were marketed in the U.S.; the 1886 catalog from man P. Moore"s Sons. New York provided "Clabrough"s Make" W. Richards.W. H. Davenport eight Co. Make an "H. Richards brand-new York" single barrelAdditional man exists pertained to W. Richards (Liverpool) "14" means the bore in ~ 9" was .693 - .700" utilizing a plug gauge.The proof marks are most likely legit; Belgian fake marks space usually pretty crude.You are mindful the barrels are Twist, and also the total was no of high quality as soon as new. I would not suggest attempting come shoot the gun, with any type of load.This could be the interest, additionally a next lever ... 7&page=all ... M/www/homeRichard Baxter (1615-1691), Directions versus Covetousness"Be an ext careful to usage what you have, than to acquire more."Kingsley Brown "Shoot more, shop less."