Cell Organelles: role of the Organelles. StB-6th grade

Controls the activity into and also out that the cell Cell Membrane
Watery material which includes many of the materials affiliated in cabinet metabolism. This describes all contents of the cell various other than the nucleus. Cytoplasm
Serves as a pathway because that the transport of products throughout the cell. Also associated v PROTEIN syntheses and also storage. . . .'the highway the the cell' Endoplasmic Reticulum
Serves together the control facility for cell METABOLISM and also REPRODUTION. It contains the DNA. Nucleus
Sites of PROTEIN SYNTHESIS. Provides proteins utilizing DNA Ribosomes
Involved in the cradle of food within the cell. Contains enzymes. The digest food particles, wastes, cabinet parts, and invaders. . . . 'cleanup crew' Lysosomes
The 'powerhouse' that the cell... That is that provides power for the cell's activities. This power is referred to as ATP Mitochondria
Packages and secretes the assets of the cell.......packages proteins for use, or to be exit from the cell Golgi Apperatus..... Golgi Complex
Involved in cell department in pet cells
Fluid fill organelles fastened by a membrane. Has stored food or wastes . . . 'storage tanks because that food, water, and also wastes materials' Vacuoles
Site of the manufacturing of ribosome . . . 'the small nucleus' Nucleolus
Controls activity into and out of the nucleus Nuclear envelope
Gives the cabinet its shape and also provides protection. Not found in pet cells Cell wall
Hairlike structures with the capacity for movement Cilia
A long, hairlike structure used for movement Flagella
Site that photosynthesis ..... < Chloroplast
During cytokinesis, the brand-new cell wall surface that begins to type in the middle, separating the 2 sides
Rod shaped body that bring genetic details . .

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. .(shape the cells, overview organelle movement, and also separate chromosomes)