Chipmunks space adorable tiny critters the are commonly seen in locations in and around person settlements. For most people, chipmunks are nothing much more than small furry forest friends.

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They have the right to be viewed running in your backyard foraging for nuts or small fruits and, in ~ times, also scavenging native the dustbins. Owing to this, most people would find it hard to believe that chipmunks deserve to turn out to be destructive pests and also cause girlfriend a many trouble. Yet people wonder, what potential injury can lock cause?

Though no all chipmunks space troublesome, it doesn’t take them much time to come to be a difficult pest. In spite of being irresistibly cute, this critters can reason serious damage to your garden through uprooting small plants, flood basements, and also cause wall surfaces to fallen by digging a deep network the burrows.

Apart native this, occasionally these critters even tend to chew wires, garden furniture, or item stored in the basement come sharpen your incisors. Owing to this, it is crucial that you eliminate chipmunks before they end up being troublesome, and also the best way to identify their visibility is from their poop.

So, what does chipmunk poop look like? The poop the a squirrel is pellet-shaped with long pointy ends while measuring much less than one centimeter. The looks very comparable to a rat’s dropping, yet on a closer look, friend will watch that squirrel poop is smaller than a rat’s poop. Also, the shade of the poop may vary between black and also brown, depending upon the food lock eat.

It is exciting to note that chipmunk seldom poops external their burrows. Quite they have devoted latrine website inside their burrows where they poop. This is done to ensure the the predators carry out not sense their presence and trace through the smell of their poop and also trace them back to your burrows.

In this article, we will look at exactly how to properly determine the poop that a chipmunk and also other pertinent information around them. Us will likewise discuss effective ways to prevent and tackle chipmunk infestation in the complying with sections.


Difference between Rat and also Chipmunk DroppingsHow to eliminate chipmunks?

Chipmunks do not poop – legend Buster

When it pertains to chipmunks, the most widely spread out myth around them is that they nothing poop. Most people think it to be true due to the fact that they don’t gain to see them pooping or check out their droppings lying in her backyard.

But this is simply a myth, and chipmunks perform poop. The is just that girlfriend don’t obtain to view it easily. If you have actually seen a chipmunk, you could know how vulnerable they room to being struck by predators. These tiny critters room virtually defenseless versus the larger predators, and all the they deserve to do to remain safe is to continue to be out of sight.

Therefore, chipmunks have dedicated chambers inside their burrows come poop, they nothing poop anywhere except in this latrine site.

Similarly, those chipmunks living in nests and also not in burrows tend to choose a latrine website that’s nowhere close to to whereby they leave. This is done to ensure the no predators feeling the chipmunk’s presence from their poop’s scent.

What does chipmunk poop look like?


Chipmunk droppings look very similar to the of a rat’s poop. Their droppings room pellet-shaped, with pointy ends and measuring less than one centimeter. They room so small that it resembles the shape of a rice grain.

If you have seen a mouse’s droppings, girlfriend would recognize that they look very comparable to that of a chipmunk’s dropping. One would have to take a closer look come properly determine it. If you have actually a closer look, you have the right to see that a chipmunk’s poop is smaller and thinner 보다 the rat’s poop.

The best way to recognize a squirrel poop is to look because that its distribution. Chipmunk’s rarely poop exterior their burrows for the reasons pointed out in the previous section. Even if they were to, they i will not ~ poop wherever they are. Rather, lock would choose a for sure latrine site.

Difference between Rat and Chipmunk Droppings


As stated in the ahead sections, chipmunks and rats have actually droppings the look similar to one another. And also it can be quite hard to determine them properly. But you must recognize them correctly so that proper steps have the right to be taken to remove the infestation.

In this section, we will certainly look at the most reliable ways to recognize a chipmunk’s poop from a rat’s poop.

Size and also Shape

On a an initial look, it might seem to you the both the rat’s and chipmunk’s poop have the same size. Yet if you have actually a closer look, you can see the the chipmunk poop is smaller sized than a rat’s poop.

It is estimated that while a rat’s poop procedures 3/4th of an inch, a chipmunk’s poop measures only 3/8th of one inch.

Another significant difference in between the 2 lies in your shape. Because of its small size and thickness, squirrel poop each other the form of a rice grain. Whereas, rat’s poop is bigger and also oblong shaped.


Distinguishing poop based upon its color is an additional effective way to determine a chipmunk’s poop from the of a mouse’. Both chipmunks and also mice are omnivorous animals, yet chipmunks seem to rely much more on fruits and nuts together food. Fan to which chipmunks have tendency to have actually a paler poop.

This isn’t the instance with rats who are more opportunistic hunters. Rats are uncovered to consume whatever from little insects, root of plants, vegetables to garbage.

Their poop has a dark color. The is exciting to note that a rat’s poop is no black as it seems to be. Rather it is just that the poop is so dark that it appears to it is in black.


As stated in the previous sections, friend don’t always get to check out the poop that a chipmunk. Squirrel being practically defenseless versus predators likes to keep things discreet.

Chipmunks have specialized latrine website inside their burrows, and they largely poop there. An extremely rarely do they endeavor out of their burrows come poop. And also even if they were to poop outside, lock would select a for sure larine website to poop.

This no the case with rats who are not discrete like chipmunks when it involves pooping. Rats relax themselves where they are, and also they would even poop while moving around. In many cases, a rat’s poop have the right to be watched lying scattered or spread out out follow me the way it moves prefer a trail.

Is it feasible to recognize the degree of infestation indigenous the poop?

Yes, you can identify the extent of chipmunk infestation from your poop. Because that instance, if you discover fresh poop consistently in a certain area, the opportunities are that there is a chipmunk colony somewhere around.

And the spot where you see the poop could be their latrine site. However as long as the chipmunks execute not cause you any type of trouble, girlfriend don’t have to worry.

Similarly, if you were to discover a heap that fresh and dry poop, the chances are the you room looking at the latrine site of a chipmunk family.

If this latrine site is near the basement or walls, look approximately to view any feasible opening to chipmunk burrows. Make sure that you effectively seal the opening to block their access to the latrine site.

Is chipmunk poop dangerous?


Chipmunk poop is dangerous, as is the garbage of every omnivore or carnivore. Because of their omnivorous diet and occasional scavenging, there are high chances that chipmunk poop has fatal pathogens and viruses.

Because chipmunks don’t poop in the open, it’s rare for humans to come into contact with theirs. But you have to be extremely careful if you have actually pets at home. There are high chances for your pet come contract illness from chipmunk poop.

In this section, we will have actually a watch at some of the typical diseases that deserve to potentially be contracted from squirrel poop.

The common diseases that room often associated with squirrel poop are:


Salmonellosis is a bacter infection resulted in by the bacteria the the Salmonella type, and also these are commonly found in chipmunk poop. Though not fatal, the symptoms and also ailments associated with salmonellosis can last virtually for seven days.

Common symptoms encompass diarrhea, fever, ab cramps, and vomiting. The disease is contracted through direct contact by ingesting food or water the was contaminated by squirrel poop.

Leptospirosis is one more bacterial condition that can be contracted from chipmunk poop. The epidemic is greatly transmitted airborne fan to which the possibilities of contracting leptospirosis room bleak. It is mostly contracted through inhaling airborne dust native crumbled squirrel poop.

Hantavirus is a highly contagious viral condition that is contracted by inhaling virus-containing corpuscle from rodent urine, droppings, or saliva. As stated earlier, because of the chipmunk’s discrete nature of pooping, the opportunities of contracting diseases are really less.

How come safely eliminate chipmunk poop?

In many cases, friend won’t need to worry around clearing chipmunk poop because of the many poop inside their burrows.

But if you were to clues a major latrine website in your backyard in her garden, you need to clear the off. This should particularly be excellent if girlfriend have youngsters at home.

Make certain that you take proper protective steps by wearing rubber boots, gloves, a face mask, or a face shield. Monitor these actions for the safe disposal of squirrel poop:

Inspect the poop to see if it has actually dried up or not. If it has dried up, do it soft by sprinkling part water top top it to make sure that it doesn’t crumble or get airborne.Ideally, poop have to be torched due to the fact that it can be a reproduction ground for flies. Use a shovel to clean the poop and torch the heap.Spray disinfectants to the latrine website after clearing the poop.

How to remove chipmunks?

Getting rid of chipmunks can be a tiny tricky because you would certainly never recognize their existence unless that is also late.

If you were to find them make sure that you eliminate them safely. Always keep in mind that every biology on this planet has actually its appropriate to live.

Here room some methods to gain the task done there is no harming them.

Plan ahead

As always, prevention is far better than cure. Fairly than wait for the chipmunks to infest your property, you have to take procedures to avoid their infestation. There are some ways in i beg your pardon it can be done.

Trim your plants and also bushes such that it doesn’t administer sufficient cover come the chipmunks.

Place L form footers along the foundation of your house, retaining walls, or sidewalk while creating the house. Despite this may sound odd, it have the right to be an reliable deterrent versus chipmunks burrowing under her house.

Remove lumber or rock piles that room kept against walls or structures that offer them cover come burrow.

Use repellents

Similar to squirrels, chipmunks have actually an aversion to solid smells. Maintaining naphthalene balls in your garden, near walls and near structure can be an efficient deterrent.

Other than these, most squirrel repellents the are accessible in the sector are discovered to be effective against chipmunks together well.

If you don’t desire to opt because that commercial squirrel repellents, girlfriend can likewise resort come homemade repellents such as the one made out of Lysol, Epsom salt, and water.

Trapping and also releasing

Sometimes regardless of of how plenty of times you remove the chipmunks, they have the right to be therefore persistent and also come back. In together cases, trapping them from your property and also releasing them in other places can it is in the finest thing come do.

Always will to humane ways and also use a No-Kill trap. Also, keep in mind that you are aware of the neighborhood laws worrying the trapping and also releasing of chipmunks.

Use a little trap and set a bait utilizing nuts or little fruits. Keep the trap in locations of high squirrel activity. As soon as it has been trapped relax them somewhere far off from your property. Make sure that friend don’t damage the chipmunk in any type of way.

Also, note that girlfriend shouldn’t set a no-kill catch or use repellents against chipmunks if it has actually babies in the colony or burrows. If you doubt the visibility of babies, wait till they are old enough before removing them.

Conclusion: chipmunk Poop Identification

Well, it concerns an end, doesn’t it? ~ reading every one of this you must be an expert at identifying chipmunk poop.

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So I’d like to give thanks to you for reading this write-up all the way through. If you space interested come know more about this topic or any kind of others, feel free to shooting me an email with your questions or proposal for future content.

What much better way to wrap things up than v a humorous photo of a chipmunk? here it is!