On this illustration of Learn indigenous the Pros no your Bros we gained to sit down v Donny Emler that FMF aka Flying maker Factory aka coolest agency name ever. Ns have always known that FMF exhausts rise the power of her bike. However that is around all i knew. Ns figured it’s ideal to go straight to the source. Donny was cool sufficient to break it all under for me.

FMF headquarters are right here in southerly California and everything from study and advance to marketing to production is done right below in the USA and has been due to the fact that the companies structure in 1973. Quite COOL! queue the hymn USA USA USA!

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The company was began in the garage by Don Emler sr. (Donnys Dad). Don spent many of his time racing and going quick so it to be only herbal that weekends racing turned into late nights wrenching ~ above his bike. Deserve to you photo it? classic “Dad Move” constantly tinkering in the garage. I love it. In my head I photo Don Sr. Looking at his sweet 70’s 2 stroke ripper and thinking to himself “ over there has acquired to be a method to make this point go faster”. Well, quicker he go Babes! Don Sr. Custom, hand built pipes began making some noise top top the racing scene and also here us are years later looking in ~ the gold typical in after market exhaust equipment for dirt bike. Bravo Don!

We have the right to all recognize that it takes a details kind of genius to have the ability to build and also engine and also a high performance exhaust pipe in general. The procedure that Don used earlier in the 70’s is still offered today in your Flying an equipment Factory. Over there is a ton the goes in to making a an FMF exhaust and we are going to break it all down for you in our very own words (for better or worse haha).

First turn off you gotta gain the bike. A distinctive exhaust system needs to be built for every bike model out there. No 2 are alike therefore it every starts with acquiring the device in residence so the the FMF research study and advancement team can acquire their hands on it. Literally, this is every hand constructed when it involves prototyping. There are so countless nuances come each an equipment and how the power desires to it is in delivered. The prototype process is an extremely different from bike to bike. Is it 2 punch or 4 stroke? Is it a MX bicycle or an enduro? In mine head there is a team of FMF fabricator dudes sit in leather arm chairs approximately the bike while that is sit on a couch and also they are looking at it and asking it questions around who that is. “what type of bike are you? What carry out you desire to feeling like. Who execute you want to it is in in the world” hahah. In truth it is not just a science, there is an arts to it the takes years of practice to perfect. As soon as the team is building their design there are a couple of major materials to emphasis on.

1. Performance

2. Watch

3. Sound

4. Fitment


Yes, The score is create more horsepower. This is true. But, it is also around the circulation of power. Everything from the diameter and length of the pipeline to the radius of the bends beat a part in controlling the air circulation through the engine. The much more efficiently the wait flows v the better the horsepower. If air flows out easily then the engine deserve to fire faster. Think about blowing v a straw. If you have a small straw, the air does not flow as quickly through it as you punch vs. A straw with a bigger diameter. SO technology right!? haha


I mean, stop be honest. There is a factor why aftermarket motorcycle components are a huge business and it ain’t all about performance. Simply ask your buds through the sick brand-new custom graphic kit. A great looking bicycle is a an excellent looking bike.


FMF has been putting the B in BRAAAP due to the fact that the 70’s. The appropriate sound for the right an equipment is an important and the shape, size and length that the pipe all element in to what is sounds like. Louder does no mean quicker people. Never forget that.


The style of the pipe not only has actually to circulation with the form of the bike however it likewise has to sit comfortable on motorcycle so that it walk not gain in the means of the rider. These pipes additionally need to be easy sufficient to install because that the typical Jane.

Thank you because that joining us for joining us on this illustration of “Learn from the Pros and not her Bros”. Currently you know a little much more about what is behind the BRAAAP and how one FMF kind assist you go faster.

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Give thanks to you to Donny Emler because that helping to rest it all down for us. Happy Trails!