How walk Paris think Juliet feels around him?Paris thinks the Juliet loves him; In truth, Juliet never really admits come it.

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What go Juliet ask of Friar Laurence?Juliet seeks out the Friar in wishes that that will settle her problem and postpone the marriage.
What does Juliet speak she will carry out if she cannot discover a means to prevent marrying Paris?Juliet entertains the thought of killing herself.
How walk Juliet respond come Paris’ complements in this act?Evasively. She is trying to be polite but does not desire to admit that she will certainly marry Paris, due to the fact that she has actually no intentionally of act so.
What walk Friar Laurence to speak will happen when Juliet drinks the potion?Juliet will basically be dead, but after 24 hours she will certainly wake up the end of a “pleasant sleep.”
How will certainly Romeo learn of Friar Laurence’s plan?He is claimed to hear it from Balthazar, but Friar Lawrence doesn’t tell Balthazar, however sends the post with Friar john instead. Together a result, Romeo never learns of Friar Lawrence’s plan.
What walk Friar Laurence say Romeo and Juliet will execute after Juliet awakens?Go to Mantua with each other to live forever.
In scene 2 what walk Juliet tell she father?Juliet assures her father the she will marry Paris, also though she knows the Romeo and also herself have other plans.
What tasks occur in the Capulet family at the start of scene 2?Everyone is getting prepared for the wedding
Describe Capulet’s personality at the end of step 2.Capulet returns to much more of his good-natured side of himself, and also is happy the his daughter has consented come his idea the happiness.
Describe the various fears Juliet has actually as she gets all set to drink Friar Laurence’s potion.For a couple of moments that suspense Juliet questions if this potion will certainly work, and, an ext importantly, if she will check out her Romeo again. She likewise doubts if the Friar was simply lying to her and she would really die if she drank the potion.
What effect might Capulet’s change of plans have actually on the Friar’s arrangements?Lord Capulet, Juliet’s father, to adjust the wedding increase from Thursday come Wednesday after ~ Juliet consents to marry Paris. He gets excited that she is “finally” coming about to what he wants.
At what time does scene 4 occur?the job after Tybalt is killed and Romeo is banished.
How carry out Capulet, his wife, the nurse, and also Paris react as soon as they uncover Juliet?They all speak in a frenzy lamenting Juliet’s fatality while Paris asks why his bride be taken away from the in together an untimely manner.
What walk Friar Laurence tell the family?The Friar counsels them to retain part order and proceed through the funeral.
According to lord Capulet, what will happen now to all the preparations that were created the wedding?they will use them in the funeral
Why is Friar Laurence reluctant to get married Paris to Juliet?Friar Lawrence is concerned since Paris does not “know the mind” that Juliet. In various other words, Paris doesn’t understand if she wants to acquire married to him
How go Paris describe the sudden haste that the marital relationship plans?Paris describes that the is a good thing to sirloin the marriage since a lengthy “mourning period” and also extended woe is dangerous. Paris defines that Capulet is smart to sirloin the marital relationship to protect against Juliet’s crying.
What is ironic about the conversation between Juliet and Paris?Juliet and also Paris talk around love and confession that love come Friar Lawrence. Juliet actually confesses she love for Romeo to Paris, but he stays unaware of she “confession.”
If Friar Laurence cannot aid her, what go Juliet threaten to do?Juliet tells the Friar that she will certainly kill herself by letting the “bloody knife pat the part of the umpire.
Why does Friar Laurence think the Juliet will certainly accept his plan?The Friar speak Juliet to go home and tell she parents the she is ready to marry Paris. ~ she tells them the news, she is to go into her bedroom and drink a vial of liquid. The liquid that she drink will stop her pulse and turn she skin cold. Juliet will appear to be dead for 42 hours, after i beg your pardon she will certainly wake up from a “pleasant sleep.”
Describe the friar’s setup for Juliet.The Friar tells Juliet to go home and also tell her parents the she is ready to marry Paris. After she speak them the news, she is to go into her bedroom and also drink a vial the liquid. The liquid that she drink will protect against her pulse and also turn her skin cold. Juliet will appear to be dead for 42 hours, after which she will wake increase from a “pleasant sleep.”
What go Juliet to speak that renders her dad happy?Juliet tells she father that she to be wrong come disobey him. She asks him for she forgiveness and also tells him the she will certainly do whatever he asks the her.
How does Capulet change the wedding plans? What implication does this have?Moved the wedding up, Juliet has to drink the potion before planned
How does Juliet show her maturity and independence?After hearing Juliet’s willingness come marry Capulet, he decides to relocate the wedding. The wedding will currently be organized the following day. This create a problem in the timeline the Friar has established for the poison and an alert of Romeo
If the potion does not work, what will certainly Juliet do?At one allude in the scene she questions whether she is doing the ideal thing. For just a moment she ideas at asking the nurse because that guidance with her decision. Juliet decides come go v with the arrangement established by her and the Friar without consulting anyone else.
What are some of the fear Juliet has around the potion?What if she actually dies,Juliet is afraid the Friar may have mixed the potion incorrectly. She think it may be poison. Juliet also worries the she will certainly wake up in the tomb prior to Romeo pertains to save her. This worries her due to the fact that she is not sure if she will have actually air inside the tomb resulting in her to die of suffocation. She likewise comments ~ above the rotting body of Tybalt that is lie in the tomb.
What is happening in act 4 step 4?Scene IV is a an extremely brief scene that shows all of the Capulets planning because that tomorrow’s wedding. The servingmen are preparing logs because that the fire and setup tables. The cooks space working in the food that will be served to the guests.
Describe the imagery Shakespeare offers in explicate Juliet’s “death”?Frosted Flower”Her blood is settled, and her joints are stiff” – lividity and also rigor mortis”Death lies top top her prefer an untimely frost ~ above the sweetest flower” – Frost will kill plants and also flowers
What walk Friar Laurence to speak to comfort the Capulet family?Friar speak the Capulets that heaven gave them Juliet, now heaven has actually a require for her and she will experience eternal life; therefore, we have to be happy because that her due to the fact that she is relaxing in heaven.
What occasion are the Capulets now planning for?The Capulets are currently preparing for a funeral rather of the wedding. Capulet suggests they will use the same food and table settings; however, they will certainly play sad music together his “joys” space buried.
Why is Romeo feeling cheerful in ~ the beginning of step 1?He had a an excellent dream and thinks it’s a sign
Scene 1 opens up with Romeo recalling a dream the he had. What was it?uliet uncovered him dead, kissed him, and he came to be an emperor
What news does Balthasar carry Romeo?Balthasar come in Mantua and tells Romeo the Juliet is dead.
What walk the speed with i beg your pardon Romeo provides his decision call you about his character?He’s really rash
Romeo is thunderstruck. Balthasar states “Your looks room pale and wild, and also do import part misadventure.” What is he saying?He looks favor he is going come hurt himself
S1-What walk Romeo median when that says, “Then i defy you, stars!”?This statement describes fate. The is going to “tempt fate” by return to Verona whereby he has actually been banished from. His score is to be v Juliet and he is ready to danger being captured and also killed before arriving at she tomb.
What walk the apothecary need?money
What does Romeo need?poison
Why does the apothecary hesitate to market Romeo poison?Its against the law and also punishable by death
Romeo compare the poison to gold. What does the say about the two?Money is much more poison than the toxicity he to be sold
What actions does Balthasar’s news note Romeo come do?Romeo has actually been triggered to return to Verona.
What go Friar john tell Friar Laurence?Friar man tells Friar Lawrence the he was unable to supply the message to Romeo. Follow to Friar John, there was a doubt outbreak the plague and also he to be prevented native entering the city due to the fact that he to be quarantined. (Friar man was visiting the residence of a sick person suspected that plague.)
After listening this news from Friar John, what walk Friar Laurence intend to do?After hear the news indigenous Friar John, Friar Lawrence intends to go to the tomb and wait because that Juliet to wake up. After she wakes up, he will certainly hide she in his cell (room) till Romeo arrives for her.
Why is Paris in ~ Juliet’s tomb?Paris is at Juliet’s grave to mourn she loss. The is placing flower at the entrance of the tomb.
What ritual does Paris promise to uphold each night?To spread flowers over she bridal and also water the flowers each night in his tears
How perform you think Paris feels around Juliet?He doesn’t love she as much as the thinks
Romeo provides Balthasar 2 reason for start the Capulet’s tomb. What room those 2 reasons?Romeo tells Balthasar the he is going right into the tomb to look at Juliet and also to remove from “her dead finger a precious ring.”
What is romeo’s genuine reason for sending Balthasar far from the tomb?He plans on death himself
Why walk Paris think that Romeo has pertained to the tomb?Paris suspects that Romeo has arrived at the tomb to defile the bodies of Juliet and Tybalt.
Romeo do the efforts to convince Paris come leave. Why?He doesn’t want to commit one more crime
What wake up next?Romeo and Paris fight. Romeo kills Paris
Romeo looks at Juliet in the Capulet tomb and also remarks “And death’s pale flag is not advanced there.” What does the mean?Juliet isn’t pale and also looks alive (pink lips/cheeks)
What is it about Juliet the should have actually told Romeo the she was not dead?Romeo should have noticed that she still had actually “crimson in thine lips and also in your cheeks.” when a human dies, they would show up gray and also ashen in color.
Why won’t Balthasar enter the tomb v Friar Lawrence?Romeo intimidated to tear that apart body by limb and feed him come the graveyard creatures if the did
What does Friar Laurence find when he enters the tomb?Romeo and also paris dead
Why doesn’t Friar Laurence stay in the tomb through Juliet when she awakens?Friar Lawrence stays in the tomb after Juliet awakens to lull her once she realizes that Romeo is dead. The intends to escort her the end of the tomb and place she in the convent for her own safety.
How does Friar promise to help juliet go on v life?she can live v the nuns
Why walk Friar leaving the dig without Juliet?he knows she desires to merely die
Why go Juliet kiss Romeo after that is dead?Juliet kisses Romeo hoping that she will be able to get the staying poison native his lips.
How does Juliet kill herself?She uses romeo’s dagger
Friar Lawrence is under hesitation of murder. The prince says “Then to speak at when what she dost recognize in this.” What does that say?He tells Friar Lawrence to tell them every little thing he knows about the happenings
When Montague very first arrives ~ above the step what does that tell those gathered?When Montague come on the scene, he notifies everyone, “my wife is dead tonight, grief of my son’s exile hath quit her breath tonight.”
Relate the occasions that result in Romeo and also Juliet’s death as they were told through Friar Laurence near the play’s endFriar Lawrence recounts the whole story the Romeo and also Juliet being married, Tybalt’s death occurring on the very same day, banishment, and also eventually the poisoning. The Friar also states that he come up with this plan in answer come Juliet’s inquiry to get out of the marriage to Paris.
What does the Prince mean when he states “All room punished.”Each family has been punished for your sins with the price of their children
What info does Romeo’s letter give?Romeo’s letter confirms the Friar’s story. In addition to retelling what the Friar had told the Prince, Romeo added the part about purchase the poison from a negative pharmacist and intending to take it his life to be with Juliet.
How carry out Montague and also Capulet arrangement to respect the memory of your children?Both Capulet and Montague agree to honor the storage of your children. Montague will certainly raise a frostbite of gold in the likeness the Juliet and Capulet will make a statue that Romeo to lie next to her.

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By family, perform the people who have died in the play.Motnague: Romeo, Lady MontagueCapulet: Juliet, TybaltPrince’s Family: Paris, Mercutio