From Rain on her wedding work – to see the bride prior to your wedding. We have actually put together few of our favourite and most bizarre superstitions and also myths surrounding the wedding ring itself and also diamonds.

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The earliest examples of wedding rings have actually been discovered in Egypt, dating earlier to 6,000 year ago. The wedding rings of this time make of reeds or hemp, which braided into a loop.

Itchy left palmmyth

What go it median when your left-hand itches? an ext than one myth surrounds the itchy left palm. Firstly, it have the right to mean that excessive wealth may be ~ above it’s way to you. The superstition transformed from rubbing silver on the skin to the belief that once someone had actually an itch, that would mean you will come right into some silver, money, soon. Secondly, and much more relevant, spiritually, an itchy left palm way that friend just entered a new romantic connection – you space going to uncover love soon.


Can a wedding ring identify the sex of your unborn child?

Probably the many bizarre myth this old wives tale argues that if girlfriend tie some thread come a yellow gold wedding ring and also dangle that over her bump, it’s thought to recognize the sex of your unborn child. If the ring swings earlier and forth, her baby will certainly be a boy, and if the swings around in a circle, climate it is a girl.


The ring finger

Why is the third finger on her left hand the ring finger? perhaps this started from myth. However, this is now a tradition. The superstition is there is a vein running from this finger that goes directly to her heart. Read much more about i beg your pardon hand for an engagement, wedding, and also eternity ringhere.

The wedding cakemyth

This myth involves a little amount of wedding cake being passed v the bride’s wedding ring after the ceremony and given come the unmarried bridesmaids come eat – In conclusion, the is claimed to carry them a husband within a year!


“Something old, other new, other borrowed, miscellaneous blue, and a silver- sixpence in she shoe.”

We still view this now, and also probably among the only myths the has come to be a tradition. This rhyme originated in England throughout the victor Era and symbolized luck because that a bride on her wedding day. At Serendipity, we have actually the perfect gift because that a bride to it is in oursomething blue pendantBeautifully styled v a blue Aquamarine, moreover surrounded by a gloriole of diamonds, engraved ~ above the reverse with a day or an individual message.

Boxed miscellaneous Blue Pendant

Healing Properties

In 19th century Ireland, rubbing a wedding ring on an injury or sore assisted heal it. They additionally believed that pricking a wart with a gooseberry thorn through a wedding ring would certainly make the wart disappear. In Somerset, they thought that rubbing her wedding ring ~ above sore eyes would remove any type of infection.

Diamonds and engagement rings myths

Engagement rings trace ago to ancient Rome. According to theGemological academy of America(GIA), Roman females wore ring of ivory, flint, bone, copper and also iron “to represent a company contract or to affirm shared love and also obedience.” gold rings were later found in the damages of Pompeii, prove the glowing metal became the material of choice.

The fact detector

Do diamonds organize the magical strength of detecting honesty? The gem grow dim in the existence of a lie and also shines brightly when the reality prevailed. We think this more to perform with the quality of diamonds you choose. Read much more aboutdiamond clarity.

Gemstone myth

In addition, the possibility to supply any kind of gemstone into our design is available. Yet what is the superstition behind them?

Firstly– aDiamond– considered to represent affection. Diamond the prize of certainty and security the comes through being in a committed relationship.Secondly– aSapphire– believed to lug a happy marriage.Thirdly – an Aquamarine– additionally believed to bring a long and happy marriage.Emeralds– taken into consideration to lug marital bliss, and some cultures thought emeralds have actually aphrodisiac properties.

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Pearls– traditionally avoided, thought to bring tears come a marital relationship if provided as the gemstone on an engagement ring.