Have friend heard the indigenous o sea in aufdercouch.net during a conversation? The expression o sea is part of day-to-day aufdercouch.net from roughly the world. It’s used for clarification and also applies come different instances that require additional explaining. The widely provided in Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, and other Latin American aufdercouch.net-speaking countries.

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O sea can be one of two people a formal and also informal expression, depending on the context used and construction the the sentence. It’s recognized by the royal aufdercouch.net Academy (RAE) yet is taken into consideration to be much more colloquial 보다 formal aufdercouch.net.

In this blog post, I’m assessing the different definitions of o sea and ideal scenarios because that you to usage it accurately. Allow ‘s take a look at at just how using o sea in aufdercouch.net will make you sound choose a aboriginal speaker!

What is The Meaning?

O sea in aufdercouch.net is the tantamount of the expression es decir. The expression is created with the indigenous o (or) and sea, the latter being the third person singular present subjunctive that the verb ser (to be). The an interpretation of o sea in aufdercouch.net is variable, and also as one English equivalent, that is expression deserve to mean “I mean,” “it’d be,” ”like,” “so,” “that is,” “therefore,” and “or.”

You usage o sea as soon as you desire or require to introduce an explanation the something that’s been formerly mentioned. It’s likewise used in a sentence for an extra explanation or because that expressing consequence, because that example:

Mi hermana tiene 14 años, o sea que es más pequeña que yo.My sisters is 14 year old, therefore she’s younger than me.

Venía como tortuga en el tráfico, o sea lentisimo.I was choose a turtle in traffic, that is an extremely slow.

Mi cita en el doctor es hasta las 5pm, o sea que llegaré tarde a casa.My doctor’s appointment is until 5pm, for this reason I’ll be residence late.


4 methods to use O Sea in aufdercouch.net

1. Clarify or Consequence: “So,” “Therefore,” “That is”

The word o sea in aufdercouch.net elaborates on a declare that can be confound or unfamiliar at first glance. Usage it come clarify noþeles you believe needs much more context to it is in understood. The word o sea in this instance is often complied with by words que; so girlfriend use o sea que. Some instances of o sea for clarifying and also denoting repercussion are:

Andrea es muy amable, o sea que estará dispuesta a ayudarte.Andrea is very nice, thus she’d be willing to help you.

Nos encantó la playa, o sea que fueron vacaciones inolvidables.We loved the beach, therefore it to be an unforgettable vacation.

No me gustan los lácteos, o sea que no como queso.I don’t favor dairy so i don’t eat cheese.

La Ciudad de México tiene mucha vida, o sea siempre hay algo que hacer.Mexico city has actually so much life, therefore there’s constantly something come do.

2. Rephrasing: “In various other words,” “I mean”

You have the right to use o sea to rephrase what you just said yet with completely different native in an effort to do yourself understood.

No me cae bien la gente impaciente, o sea la gente que se desespera rápido.I don’t like impatient people, ns mean, people who shed it quickly.

Escribir es mi vocación, o sea es mi llamado.Writing is my vocation, in various other words, it’s mine calling.

3. Exclamation: “Duh!”

O sea is provided by young indigenous aufdercouch.net speakers as one expression similar to “duh”, “like”, “I mean”, or “obviously”. Ns recommend you just use this one if you’re currently familiar through the other offers for o sea in aufdercouch.net. It could make friend sound like a indigenous speaker, but in some countries this use deserve to come off as a snobby and also kind of superficial expression. A couple of good examples of o sea in this paper definition are:

¿Cómo me vas a decir que no? A mí nadie me dice que no ¡O sea nadie!How room you going come say no come me? No one says no to me, favor no one!

Te dije que mi carro era más rápido que el tuyo ¡O sea mejor!I told girlfriend my vehicle was faster than yours, therefore it’s better, duh!

4. Filler Word: “Like”

O sea in aufdercouch.net is likewise a filler word there is no any specific purpose. Filler indigenous in aufdercouch.net are known as muletillas and are part of unshened vocabulary. O sea is a highly common muletilla, similar to eh or mmm. Let’s take it a look at this usage in action:

Me llamaste y estaba en mi casa cansada, o sea mientras dormía, o sea no dare iba a contestar, o sea mejor no me llames a esa hora.You referred to as me and I was worn down at home, favor I was sleeping, choose I’m not going to answer, favor don’t speak to me at that time.

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Alternatives to O Sea in aufdercouch.net

Now the you’ve learned the multiple offers the indigenous o sea in aufdercouch.net has, looking in ~ its various other counterparts in aufdercouch.net will certainly be advantageous for you to fully understand the concept and also expand also further her vocabulary!

Other identical expressions in aufdercouch.net because that o sea are:

es decirthat is come say
en otras palabrasin various other words
por lo tantotherefore
de manera queso that
así queso

Is that O Sea or Osea?

Since o sea is provided as a colloquial expression, many aufdercouch.net speakers don’t stroked nerves spelling it as two different words, preferring to smash castle together. By creating o sea in aufdercouch.net incorrectly, you will transform the meaning of an entire sentence and possibly to express something friend didn’t mean to!

In fact, the expression o sea that we’ve explored in this blog article isn’t actually known by the real Academia Española. As for the trend to stop the native together, this creates the word osea, i m sorry is a misspelled representation of ósea (with an accent over the o) that recommendations the female bone structure or anything regarded bones.

So store your eyes open for this typical mistake! The last point you want throughout a created conversation is to it is in chatting about bones as soon as it’s entirely unrelated!

Are friend Ready? O sea ¿estás listo?

How do you feel after analysis this blog post? are you prepared to use o sea to define yourself even better in aufdercouch.net? Take your abilities one step forward and sign up for a totally free trial class with one of our native, aufdercouch.net-speaking teacher from Guatemala. They’ll teach you every the basics and also will have actually you speaking favor a ceo in no time, ¡o sea como un profesional!