The relational table’s characteristics are:

A table is perceived as a two-dimensional framework composed of rows and also columns.Each table heat (also recognized as tuple) represents a solitary instance of the reality within the reality set.Each pillar represents an attribute and also each tower has unique name.Each row/column intersection represents a data value.Each table must have an attribute or combination of features that uniquely identifies each row.All worths in a column should confirm to the exact same data format.Each shaft has details range of values known as the domain of the attribute.The order of rows and columns is immaterial to the DBMS.

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To illustrate the qualities of table, we take into consideration the table of candidates in ~ IT Bank, Inc. The table at present includes information ~ above ten candidates (i.e., 10 rows) each having information ~ above eight attributes (i.e., 8 columns). Each row represents one candidate a single entity occurrence within the entity set. Each tower represents an attribute that candidate and also that every attribute has distinct name. Every row/column intersection has only one data value. All the values in a column match entity’s characteristics. For example, CAND_DEGREE column contains only degree entries. Additionally the order of rows is immaterial to the user. Each heat is uniquely established by one attribute, CAND_NUM. We have adhering to attributes around candidate.

CAND_ID = Candidate identification.CAND LNAME = Last surname of candidateCAND_FNAME = an initial name of candidateCAND MI = center name the candidateCAND_DOB = day of bear of candidateCAND_QUA = Qualification the candidateCAND_MAJOR = significant subject of candidateCAND_EXP = variety of years of experience of candidate

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