Juice and also smoothie bars offered to entice only the many health-conscious consumers, yet their massive appeal has actually grown due to an boosted interest in wellness. Healthy living and also nutritious diets are more popular than ever. For some, a daily visit to the regional juice bar has become as program as a trip to the edge coffee shop. If you interested in opened your very own juice bar or smoothie shop, inspect out our juice bar startup guide.

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What Is a Juice Bar?

A juice bar is a shop the sells fruit and vegetable juices that are freshly squeezed top top the premises. Most juice shops accounting a small footprint since they don"t need a complete kitchen or a seating area. Kiosks, juice carts, and also juice food trucks space all well-known models because that a juice and smoothie shop. The climbing popularity of healthy and balanced juices and the low start-up expense make juice shops one appealing company venture.

Open a Juice Bar

The procedure of opened your very own juice bar and smoothie shop is much less complicated when you break it down right into steps. We"ve produced a 9-step juice bar overview to assist you get started.

1. Select a Juice Bar Concept and Brand


Choosing the principle of your juice bar is the beginning point in her journey. It’s additionally the most creative step follow me the way. You get to pick the layout of your shop, the species of ingredients you’ll use, and the means you’ll offer your customers. Check out these examples of juice bar concepts:

Mobile juice bar dare specializing in essential produce, vitamin supplements, and health tonics Cafe-style juice bar with a food menu and co-working room Smoothie shop with a build-your-own makeline wherein customers select their smoothie base, ingredients, and also add-ins

After you have actually a basic idea of your concept, you have the right to work the end the finer details of your brand. Your juice bar name, logo, food selection options, and menu style are all component of her company branding and should communicate the very same message.

Juice Bar Menu

There are many avenues you can take through your juice bar menu. You can keep it basic and pole to fresh cold-pressed juices only. Or you can get an imaginative with different juice combinations and also highlight a tropical fruit the the day. Some juice bars include blended smoothies and also smoothie bowls. Girlfriend may additionally decide to market a little food food selection with healthy salads and also sandwiches. Make certain to think about your staffing requirements and also the varieties of tools you’ll must produce details menu items.

2. Compose a Juice Bar company Plan


Writing a business plan is the next step in the process of opening your juice bar. Nothing skip the company plan, even if you think you have all the details the your business memorized. The a professional way to gather every your vital info in one place and present the idea to potential investors. Her juice bar business arrangement should save the following sections:

Executive Summary - write this ar last and also use that to summary the business setup as a whole.Company Overview and also Description - include a comprehensive overview of her juice bar business.Concept and also Menu - In this section, define all the details of her juice bar concept and also menu.Management and Ownership Structure - This ar should define the hierarchy of your administration structure. Employees and Staffing Needs - List out all staff positions and the variety of employees essential for operation.Marketing and Competitor Analysis - carry out research on local rivals and carry out an evaluation of her findings in this section.Advertising and Marketing Strategies - overview the species of advertising and also marketing strategies you’ll use for her juice bar. Financial Projection and also Summary - use this section to provide a sales forecast and break-even analysis.

If you desire to learn an ext about writing business plans, inspect out our substantial restaurant business plan guide.

3. Achieve Juice Bar Funding


When you officially acquire funding for her juice bar, her vision start to end up being a reality. This part of the process can be intimidating if you’ve never started a business, but after you’ve composed a service plan, you’ll have actually a far better idea of her startup costs. Compare your full startup expenses to the amount of funding you have actually on hand. After ~ you recognize the balance, you’ll know how much capital you need to open her juice bar. Nothing forget to encompass the working resources needed to operate the juice bar till you start transforming a profit.

Small organization Loan - The little Business combination (SBA) works through lenders to do it easier for tiny businesses to acquire loans. SBA-approved loans offer unique benefits like lower down payments and capped interest rates.Traditional advertising Loan - A traditional commercial loan is commonly larger 보다 a tiny business loan. Because the loan lot is greater, lenders usually have actually a stricter application process and require that your company bring in greater revenues.Business heat of Credit - A service line of credit transaction is comparable to a credit card. Rather of a lump sum, borrowers receive a heat of credit transaction to use for expenses as they come up. Accessibility to short-term resources like this is most valuable with work expenses.Crowdfunding - Crowdfunding has become a legitimate an approach to raise funds for her business. There are numerous platforms that allow you to develop a campaign and start accepting donation-based or rewards-based contributions.

For in-depth financial information, check out our restaurant funding and loans guide.

4. Pick a Juice and Smoothie Shop Location


Your juice bar location and also business ide should go hand in hand. Sometimes choosing your place ends up gift the very first step in the process of opened your business. You might have your eye top top a commercial room that speak to you, or possibly you got a great deal ~ above leasing a juice bar kiosk. If that’s the case, you must base the principle of your shop on your preferred location. For example, if the ar is in a university town, you’ll desire to produce a ide that appeals come a young crowd.

If you have actually your heart set on a particular concept, you’ll require to find a juice bar place that can support it. Look at for locations near gyms or in areas with jogging paths and also outdoor spaces. Boardwalks, coast towns, and charming main streets are great for juice bars and also smoothie shops. Performing a location analysis will aid you know the benefits and also limitations of details locations.

5. Obtain Permits and also Licenses for your Juice Shop


Before her juice bar deserve to open for business, you’ll need to obtain several permits and also licenses in ~ the federal, state, and also local levels. Enlisting the aid of legit counsel ensures you won’t miss out on a step when filing for brand-new permits.

Business License - Every brand-new business demands a company license to operate legally in the US. Each state has actually its own organization license requirements.Employee identification Number - You require an Employee to know Number (EIN) to start hiring employee and collection up her payroll. The application procedure can it is in lengthy, so begin working top top this one right away.Foodservice License - to legally offer food, you’ll need a foodservice service license. This needs an investigate that mirrors your service meets food safety and security protocols.

Learn an ext about foodservice patent in our restaurant patent guide.

6. Juice Bar Equipment and also Supplies


Juice bars have unique inventory needs because fresh create will consist of the mass of her food orders. That means you’ll need to find a high-quality wholesale develop supplier. Look because that distributors that can supply you with neighborhood seasonal produce, however you may additionally need a different supplier for fruit that don’t prosper locally. You’ll want to take into consideration these components when picking a create supplier:

Produce Selection - Some carriers specialize in citrus fruits just while others administer a vast selectionFair profession Certified - look at for companies that only job-related with fair trade certified growersFarming Practices - If organic, pesticide-free develop is part of her concept, you’ll require to find a supplier the can accomplish these needsSpecialty Items - depending upon your location, you may need to find suppliers to provide you with specialty, tropical produce

With fresh produce additionally comes the require for dedicated storage techniques. Understanding the shelf-life of particular fruits will certainly be key to your reordering schedule. Some fruits require refrigeration, and some fruits must be washed before storage. Examine out our produce storage guide for detailed information.

Your juice bar will have to be outfitted through the right tools for storing, prepping, and juicing fresh fruits. Advertising juicers space the apparent place come start, however there are numerous types the juicers design for different applications. Below is a perform of equipment and supplies you"ll need to get started:

Food Prep - Peelers, chef knives, and also cutting boardsRefrigeration - Refrigerated storage for produce, glass instance merchandisers for bottled juicesIce Machines - Ice equipments that create enough ice cream for your blended drinks

7. Rental Juice Bar Staff


Labor cost for a juice bar is fairly low compared to various other foodservice businesses because a tiny staff is adequate to run the shop. Because that a small juice bar kiosk, one or 2 employees may be every you need. Bigger locations that serve more than one guest at a time will require a larger staff. Also, think about that on van receiving work you may need come schedule extra employees to inspect and put away create shipments.

Outside of your juice bar staff, friend might additionally employ other specialists to run your website or handle your accounting. Below are some methods to attract feasible candidates because that your new juice bar:

Write a good Job Description - It can seem obvious, however the job summary you create goes a long way to attracting the form of candidate you room looking for. Put some thought into the description and make sure it conveys your worths and firm mission.Social Recruiting - many folks in the workforce use the society platform LinkedIn to search for jobs. Create a LinkedIn profile and also take benefit of the recruiting attributes the website offers.Job search Websites - do a job listing on well-known search engines favor Indeed, Monster, and also SimplyHired.Go Old School - believe it or not, posting tasks in the newspaper or just putting increase a “Now Hiring” sign on her storefront room still options that work.

8. Advertise her Juice Bar


Advertising your new juice bar is how you allow the public recognize you are open and ready because that business. Today, digital methods of declaring are extremely vital if you desire to reach a wide audience. It’s really easy come advertise your service online and also you have the right to start act it beforehand to develop excitement for your brand. Inspect out our tips because that marketing your brand-new juice bar:

Increase your Digital Presence - register your organization with digital platforms prefer Google mine Business, OpenTable, or expedition Advisor. This boosts your virtual presence and helps you attach with potential customers. Create a Blog - include a blog ar to her website to assist search engines recognize your business and build awareness approximately your brand. Since juicing is your realm of expertise, develop a blog that’s devoted to juicing. Sheathe topics prefer juicing benefits, the finest fruits and also vegetables for juicing, or how to usage commercial juicers.

9. Juice Bar Soft Opening


Before your official grand opening, it can be valuable to setup a exercise run. A soft opening is a modified opened that provides your team the possibility to test the end the circulation of service. You have the right to observe potential hiccups and get a much better idea that what processes might need to be improved before the large grand opening. Below are part tips for planning a soft opened of her juice bar:

Friends and also Family Night - Invite friends and family the your employee for a sneak peek opening. It’s a an excellent way to ease right into things because there’s less pressure once you understand all the guests.Neighborhood Meetup - Send soft opening invites to bordering businesses and residents. You acquire to satisfy all her neighbors and get the word out in her community.

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Limited Menu - For her soft opening, it deserve to be valuable to start with a small limited menu. Instead of providing all juices on her menu, you could showcase three different juices. It’s less stressful for your employees when you begin small.

Juice Bar FAQS


We cover some of the most common juice bar questions below:

How lot Does it price to start a Juice Bar?

The median startup expense for a juice bar, not including operational cost, is between $25,000 and $400,000. The factor for this wide selection is the the location, build-out expenses, and also store dimension are different for every juice shop. If you lease an existing room that requires tiny remodeling, your price will be on the low side. On the other finish of the spectrum, a finish remodel of your room will be much much more expensive. This are some of the factors that affect your startup costs:

Franchise or Independent - famous juice and also smoothie franchises, prefer Smoothie King or Jamba Juice, can administer built-in branding and recognition for your brand-new business if you pick that route. Yet franchise fees will rise your startup costs and you"ll need to pay ongoing royalties. If you go independent, you prevent these extra costs. Sell Juice native Home - There"s a tide of entrepreneurs beginning businesses from their homes. With the ideal permits and inspections, you can turn her kitchen right into a juice factory and sell your assets online or at local markets.

Are Juice Bars Profitable?

Yes, juice bars have actually the potential to be an extremely profitable. It"s reported that the average revenue that a juice bar can selection from $100,000 come $600,000. Juice bar profit margins space bigger than other restaurants due to the fact that labor and also expenses are much lower. Girlfriend don"t need a complete kitchen staff, and you aren"t running cooking equipment all day long.

If you have actually a passion for wellness, take into consideration opening a juice bar. Consumers are gravitating in the direction of healthy, plant-based foods, and also they want assets that are good for your bodies and the environment. There"s never ever been a much better time to start your own juice bar and also smoothie shop.

The information listed on this website go not, and also is not intended to, constitute legit advice. Please describe our Content plan for much more details.