Answer the complying with questions in order, using finish sentences and correct diction. Support all answers.


1. What is the tone the the overall essay, and how perform you know?


2. How would you describe the author"s attitude, or tone, in the direction of the "old ones"? In contrast, what is his perspective toward young people of today?


3. Exactly how does the grandfather adjust toward the finish of his life?


4. Anaya"s grand is inderectly defined in this essay. What do you learn around his character, from the diction the speaker uses, to define the grandfather"s words and also actions? list at least three adjectives that characterize Anaya"s grandfather. 


5. List 3 "life lessons" the Anaya learns kind his grandfather and decide how he learns castle (hint: one to be learned as soon as Anaya stepped in one ant bed). 

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Permalink answer by Pre-AP Dragon Den ~ above September 28, 2012 in ~ 5:42pm
#2 is a run on sentence. Also you might want to say,"based top top Anaya"s diction, his attitude is proud." be careful about your diction once explaining repetitive tone words. All other thoughts all well organized. #94#
Permalink reply by Ana Diaz ~ above September 26, 2012 in ~ 10:02pm

1.The tone of the essay is grateful. Anaya learned numerous things from his grandfather and he guided the by providing him advice v poblems he had.

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2.I would explain the authors perspective towards the "old ones" together respectful.As a kid he was taught to respect the elderly however he likewise respects them due to the fact that of your experiences in life and their way words.

3.Towards the finish of his life the grandfather becomes much more impatient. He feels favor a son that can"t do much for himself. Similar to a child, he needs someone to take it care of him. He feel impatient due to the fact that he can"t execute much. 

4.I learned that Anaya"s grand was wise, quiet, and loving. Anaya"s grand was knowledgeable in life and also gave that advise and this verified that Anaya"s grandfather was an extremely wise. His grand did not speak much yet he knew what to say. He showed his love towards Anaya by caring because that him as a child and by guiding that to appropriate path in life.

5.When Anaya"s grandfather said come him " know where you stand" after that stepped on one ant bed, he learns the you require to understand what you are doing. When Anaya"s grand tells him come pray because that rain he learns the you have to not be selfish by praying for material gain and that you have to pray for something the would advantage others. When Anaya wanted to quit when he to be leraning English, his grandfather told that to have patience. The learned that v patience you can overcome your challenges.

Permalink reply by Pre-AP Dragon Den ~ above September 27, 2012 in ~ 7:37pm
Permalink answer by Katheryn Vanderstaay top top September 26, 2012 at 10:32pm

1. Ns think the the tone of this passage is reminiscent. Anaya repeats numerous times in the story of just how he remembers the points that his grand would do and also how glad he was that he had these people in his life. He missed his grandfathers wisdom.

2. The authors mindset towards the yonsei is admiring and respectful. That feels proud the he had actually them and also he knows that he would not be the very same if they had actually not been in his life. In contrast, his perspective towards the young civilization of this day is in a way ashamed. I think that he feels ashamed the his generation has not take away the same steps their elders.

3. When the Granfather is younger and also has an ext life he always seems come have power to perform everything, but as he grow older he needs to stay in bed as result of his age. Although that does go through these stages as he eras he never loses his wisdom.

4. The grand is wise. He constantly knows the correct advise to give Anaya and left that those wonderful memories so the he wouldnt have to prosper up together clueless as the young generation. An additional word that i can use to define Anayas grandfather is quiet. I think the his character no say really much yet when that does his indigenous are constantly helful and also full that wisdom. I also think the he is caring. If the did not care for Anaya he would not rubbish his time to offer him his advice and try to look the end for that by helping him make better choices.

5. The ant pile was simply a sign of the an excellent advice the Anaya"s grandfather gave him. This expected for that to be smart around what the does at all times. Once he said him to " ten paciencia" he teach him to have patience v others and also i can see that Anaya took this advice since he always respects hs elders which at part times does take alot of patience. Also when he told Anaya to pray for rain that taight the to have faith and also believe that a greater power will always assist them.


Permalink reply by Pre-AP Dragon Den top top September 27, 2012 in ~ 7:50pm
Permalink answer by Natalie Paniagua ~ above September 26, 2012 in ~ 10:44pm

1.The as whole tone of the essay is respectful and loving because he was taught to greet and listen to everything they had to say, the was simply a way of reflecting respect towards them.

2. Ns would describe the author"s ton pround and thankful towards the "old ones" since of all the points that they set for the adhering to generations. His attitude is various with the young ones, that is more hopeless because he does not prefer the way that the young people treat your elders.

3. In ~ the begining the the story, the grandfather enjoys his life, but when we get to the finish he is more negative and angry. That was upset to understand that together time pass he was to flourish older. But he was additionally grateful for the life he had lived.

4. What I learned about Anaya"s grandfather was the he was wise, smart, and quiet. The wasn"t a person who showed his emotions to everyone, rather he used powerful quotes.

5. The an initial lesson he learned was once he stepped into the ant pile. His grandfather said, "Know wherein you stand," what he expected by that was to be more clever and also know what you"re doing. The 2nd lesson was when it wouldn"t rain and his granfather told him come "pray for rain" and what he intended by that was God is constantly by your side. The third lesson was when his grandfather told him "Ten pacencia" which means if you keep calm climate it"s an ext likely because that you to go further in life.

Permalink answer by Marisol Rizo ~ above September 26, 2012 at 10:48pm
1) The tone in a "A celebration of Grandfathers" would seem come be about respecting our elders and also to become much more appreciative and thankful for having them.2) The writer describes his perspective for the "old ones together grateful and appreciative for the points they have actually done because that us. Yet his mindset for the young generation would certainly be dissappointing , since so countless have become disrespectful and also rude, things arn"t the exact same as they us to be.3) The grandfather came to be grumpy due to the fact that he is now relizing that he is not as young as he use to be and cab no longer do points that he usage to, yet is quiet thankful for living his lifestyle.4) Anaya"s grandfather offered grear advice. Although in ~ the end if the story his character readjusted he to be still a love man.Three adjectives that define his grand would be Loving, wise , and Strong5) The first life lesson Anaya learned was as soon as he stepped on the ant bed and his grandfather said "Know where you stand" i beg your pardon Anaya interrpreted to be much more cautious around things. The 2nd life great was once it didn"t rain and his granfather said " Pray for rain" i m sorry Anaya interrpreted come have faith in things. The 3rd life class learned to be to have actually patience and also to not give up , once his grandfather said "Ten paciencia"
Permalink reply by Melissa ~ above September 26, 2012 in ~ 10:56pm

1)Of the ovrall essay "A celebration event of grandfathers" the athours tone was inspiratinal twords his grandfather guidance and also words of wisdom that he speak to him as a child.2)The athor"s ton tword the elder ones is careing and admiration.Now the he"s grown and also has seen all the points that have change since he have the right to remember as a son . Were youngsters in the future generation dont view the damege they space couseing in their life for direspecting your elders so the author feels that its his duty to spread and teach the prestige of respect in memmorie the his grandfather.3)Nowing that,once the strong guy that to be guiding the author is now a weak and needing man.Feeling like a failure the grandfather begans to dought his own guiden"s and belif since he"s blinded by the fear of death and failure.4) Wise,stict,yet kind due to the fact that he simply wantes the ideal for his grandson.5)Death is component of life,dont are afraid it because its no the end yet the begginig.If you desire to achive miscellaneous in life you need to earn the beacause nothing comes free in life.Last however not the very least is constantly be yourself due to the fact that an original is worth more 보다 a copy.These space the 3 life lesson i learnd from "A solemn event of Frandfather".

Permalink reply by Shelby durable on September 26, 2012 at 11:09pm

1. The tone of the story is life-lessons and to be respectful because throughout the story the Godfather mentioned numerous of times the the life lessons that you find out are mainly focused on respect.

2. The tone towards the old people would need to be respect. Ago then, respect was shown towards everyone yet the grandfather mentioned the the young human being of today have actually no since of respect and they should.

3. As the grandfather got older the got much more impatient and also started to realize that his youth is disappearing.

4. Three words to describe the grandfather would need to be wise, considering and leadership. Throughout the story the was always leading the ideal conclusions in the appropriate direction as if he was making a wise choice of respect.

5. 3 life lessons Anaya learned was to show world respect."Know where you stand" is a good quote to define what paths she will need to go on he cautions her come watch out on what routes she goes on because death is quiet a component of life and also you will certainly not be young forever. 

Permalink answer by IvanaWright ~ above September 26, 2012 in ~ 11:14pm
1. The tone of the essay to be inspiring and informative. His grand taught him just how to it is in respectful, and also to live a satisfied life.2. The attitude towards young world today is formal, and for the "old ones" it"s informative. The elder"s space teaching the young human being how to it is in respectful and how to lead by example.3. He to be a wise guy that started to gain impatient, and also he type of gave in on help to boost the youth.4. Ns learned that Anaya"s grand was wise, and also he to be a very inspiring man. He wasn"t selfish, and also he cared because that his youth. Adjectives: Wise, Inspiring, humble5. " have patience" the learned to be patient to assist him discover Enlgish. It made that learn how to permit things concerned him once it was time. "Know whereby you stand" teach him to recognize his location so the wouldn"t be the end of place. The ant heap signified the prominence of Anaya"s knowledge. "I wish it would rain" / " Pray for rain" teach Anaya to store hope alive and have faith.
Permalink answer by Dalia Espinoza ~ above September 27, 2012 in ~ 5:08pm

1. The speaker initially appears to it is in happy, however then the is filled through sorrow. Anaya is happy throughout the story since he remebers every one of the memory he had actually with his grandfather. Climate he is filled with sorrow because of the ns of his grandfather that is no longer with him.

2. The speaker has a positive perspective towards the "old ones"since Anaya thinks the they are world you must look up to and respect. Anaya has a an unfavorable and somewhat of rage in his attitude toward young people today due to the fact that they don"t present much appreciation in the direction of the elderly people.

3. The grandfather changes towards the finish of his life by no being as strong as he offered to. He it s okay grumpy and also gets mad at numerous things. He wishes he was great and solid as he used to.

4. Anaya"s grandfather has a strong character. He to be clm most of the time. He didn"t speak much, yet when he did, his native were full of strong meanings. Anaya"s grandfather was patient, confident, and also powerful.

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5.One life lesson the Anaya learned to be "know where you stand". He learned that since he to be standing on one ant bed. An additional life lesson he lesson to be to it is in patient. His grand father offered to tell the "ten paciencia" as soon as Anaya was finding out English. The third life great Anaya learned was the symbolism the death. His grand would use the pipeline of the trees as a symbol of life and also death. Anaya"s grandfather told Anaya that fatality is only a small change in life.


Permalink answer by Shelby Morris on September 27, 2012 at 5:15pm

1.) the as whole tone is remembrance that the man"s grandfather. He shows us what his life was like and who he was once he was alive. The is honroing the memory of his Grandfather.2.) that treats the "old ones" through respect due to the fact that that was how he was raised. He likewise believes the young human being of this particular day should additionally respect your elders.3.) towards the finish he becomes more impatient. That is mournful end his youth that has come and also gone. 4.) From the text i know that that Grandfather was really wise, kind, and also loving.5.) to know where stand in life and with others listen to and also respect our elderly to have actually patience and also never give up