Spinal Plexuses

A nerve plexus is a network that intersecting nerves that offer the same component of the body.

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Key Points

Nerve plexuses transparent the body have tendency to it is in naaufdercouch.net after the area in i beg your pardon the plexus occurs and also the organs, limbs, and tissues the serves. Examples include the cervical, brachial, lumbar, sacral, celiac, and also coccygeal plexuses. Auerbach’s plexus, which offer the cradle tract, is naaufdercouch.net ~ the an initial person to define this plexus, Leopold Auerbach, rather than the area the the human body it serves. The brachial plexus serves the chest, shoulders, arms and hands and is foraufdercouch.net by the ventral rami that C5, C8, and T1 spinal nerves, and also the lower and also upper halves of the C4 and T2 spinal nerves.

Key Terms

nerve plexus: A network the intersecting nerves. brachial plexus: A network of nerve fibers, running from the spine, foraufdercouch.net by the ventral rami the the lower 4 cervical and an initial thoracic nerve root (C5–C8, T1). The proceeds with the neck, the axilla (armpit region), and also into the arm. It likewise supplies the brachium, the antebrachium, and the hand. coccygeal plexus: A plexus that nerves near the coccyx bone. Autonomic: A division of the peripheral nervous mechanism that influences the function of interior organs.

A nerve plexus is a network that intersecting nerves; many nerve plexuses exist in the body. Nerve plexuses are composed of afferent and also efferent fibers the arise native the merger of the anterior rami that spinal nerves and blood vessels.

There are 5 spinal nerve plexuses—except in the thoracic region—as well as other develops of autonomic plexuses, plenty of of which room a component of the enteric nervous system.

Cervical Plexus—Serves the Head, Neck and Shoulders

The cervical plexus is foraufdercouch.net by the ventral rami the the upper four cervical nerves and also the upper component of fifth cervical ventral ramus. The network the rami is located deep within the neck.

Brachial Plexus—Serves the Chest, Shoulders, Arms and Hands

The brachial plexus is foraufdercouch.net through the ventral rami of C5–C8 and also the T1 spinal nerves, and also lower and also upper halves that the C4 and T2 spinal nerves. The plexus extends toward the armpit (axilla).

Lumbar Plexus—Serves the Back, Abdomen, Groin, Thighs, Knees, and Calves

The lumbar plexus is foraufdercouch.net by the ventral rami that L1–L5 spinal nerves through a donation of T12 type the lumbar plexus. This plexus lies within the psoas major muscle.

Sacral Plexus—Serves the Pelvis, Buttocks, Genitals, Thighs, Calves, and also Feet

The sacral plexus is foraufdercouch.net by the ventral rami of L4-S3, with parts of the L4 and also S4 spinal nerves. The is located on the posterior wall surface of the pelvic cavity.

Coccygeal Plexus—Serves a Small an ar over the Coccyx

The coccygeal plexus offer a small region over the coccyx and originates indigenous S4, S5, and also Co1 spinal nerves. That is interconnected through the lower part of sacral plexus.

In addition, the celiac plexus serves the interior organs, and also Auerbach’s plexus offer the cradle tract.

Autonomic Plexuses

Celiac plexus (solar plexus)—Serves internal organs. Auerbach’s plexus—Serves the cradle tract. Meissner’s plexus (submucosal plexus)—Serves the cradle tract.

Brachial plexus: Cervical (C5–C8) and thoracic (T1) nerves comprise the brachial plexus, which is a nerve plexus that provides sensory and also motor role to the shoulders and upper limbs.

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Lumbar plexus: The lumbar plexus is made up of the ventral rami of the lumbar spinal nerves (L1–L5) and a contribution from thoracic nerve (T12). The posterior (green) and anterior (yellow) divisions of the lumbar plexus are displayed in the diagram.