The chimes notice melody(SIGNAL) i beg your pardon is a factory default setup can be deactivated if customer"s preference is to do without.

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Control dashboard Sound Signal Settings


The washing device plays a brief melody upon perfect of the to wash program. The buttons top top the regulate panel as well as the to wash cycle dial selector additionally make a sound at any time touched. The volume of that melody and also sound notice can be altered between low, medium or high. The can also be turned completely “off” if desired.


Following are the instructions as they appear in the user manual (model WM4270HWA):

Adjusting melody and also button tone


The washing machine plays a melody once the to wash cycle has completed. The buttons make a sound at any time they are pressed. The melody and button tone have the right to be changed or turned off if desired.

1 press


2 Turn

to preferred cycle (to allow cycle modifiers, friend must select a cycle).

3 press

. Change the melody and button tone volume as wanted by toggling (settings adjust with each push of the Signal Key) between High, Medium, Low and OFF (pending model). No every washing an equipment offer the exact same options. Refer to your Owner hand-operated for an ext details.

4 continue to one more Cycle, if desired, by repeating steps 2 and also 3.

Before adjusting the volume, please ensure the to wash cycle dial has been moved to any of the listed cycle else pushing the Signal button will have no effect.

As for any kind of of the SideKick™ cut down washers, regrettably, over option is not featured top top those units. Part SideKick™ cut down washer customers have expressed their involves wishing to totally disable sound notification so we have actually forwarded such request to the manufacturing facility for review in the expect of a resolution.

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Regrettably, no all laundry appliances feature the option of adjusting the Signal Chimes. Washer/Dryer mix units for example, as result of real legacy limitation ~ above the control panel, had actually to waive turn off the Signal adjustment function to accommodate drying cycles as presented in listed below description:


Other models, such as the WM3488H* washer/dryer combination, function the Signal ON/OFF adjustment together a secondary function option under MAIN button called “Water Plus”. Customers should press and also hold that switch for at the very least 3 seconds to enable or disable Chime Signal Sound. There room no further adjustment because that volume.



More recent newer front load washing machines feature minimal ON/OFF SIGNAL options waiving turn off any added volume adjustments. EXAMPLE: design no. WM3850H*