I think this is a funny subject for me to compose about. I’m just doing it due to the fact that my website it s okay a TON of visitors asking this very question. Unfortunately for them, the write-up they land on is around responding – in a professional setup – to someone questioning you to coffee to pick your mind (as in, they want totally free advice). Not the ‘asking you to coffee ~ above a date.’ Regardless, I thought I would certainly share my thoughts on what to execute if a male asks you out for a coffee date.

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As a guy who has survived the date minefield, ok share native my very own perspective. Every the best to you who space still the end there in search of The One.

Cheers to you and also the following season of The Bachelor.


How come Respond once A male Asks You the end For Coffee

I understand some males who squarely fall into this category. Your reputation behavior them, yet there were still some women who were willing to offer them a chance. You have the right to handle these instances with care and – who knows – perhaps you’ll uncover Prince Charming.

Don’t enter it blind, set your very own boundaries, and also be clear around your concerns.

I to be interested, however I have actually heard ___________ about you. This is worrying to me. That does not align with my philosophy or belief. If us go out, ns would favor to hear an ext about this therefore I deserve to learn more about what i have heard.

I nothing think we watch eye-to-eye on some issues, and I don’t understand if I can be in a connection with a companion like that. I am willing to go out for coffee and also discuss our usual ground and also these differences. But this is a concern for me and also I must be upfront about that.

Your solution if you’re very interested

The finest – and also simplest – because that last! A guy asks you out for coffee and also you’re interested! What might be better!? i mean, other than the reality that the will more than likely buy her coffee … that doesn’t love complimentary coffee!?

Tell him! let him know that you interested (remember, no games). If he asked girlfriend via text, just reply back. If that asked girlfriend in human being (bonus points come him), tell the in person. If the is her neighbor … umm. Great luck.

In any kind of event, let that know. It is in clear. Collection your expectation upfront.


Responding to a male who has actually asked you the end doesn’t should be facility or weird, kudos come him for taking the initiative and making the ask. I hope he did the in a respectful means and permitted you to do the decision. From personal experience, asking a girl the end is SUPER intimidating – also for confident guys.

Communication is crucial in any relationship, whether it’s a friendship, date relationship, or organization relationship. Having that in mind, be clean in her communication around the date, your expectations, and your boundaries.

Enjoy your coffee!


P.S. I am not a dating expert. My qualifications encompass being a guy, love coffee, and dating in the past. I have actually sisters and also a the majority of female friends – ns care around how they room treated and hope that every guy out there learns come respect women. I likewise believe chivalry is not dead, but apparently take it a detour. My examples are slanted towards respectful men being responsibility of how they might come across.

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If girlfriend are managing a jerk or a male who simply doesn’t acquire it, make sure you are crystal clear about your lack of interest, climate take action. Don’t let the bully girlfriend around. No way no.