Fig. 1 - The an ext common types of hand reamers. These deserve to be operated v either awrench or a unique holder.

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The process of reaming has actually a number of applications, the cook of which are: to enlarge present drilled holes; to do a parallel hole right into a tapered hole; to bring existing feet accurately to size. It will be clean from this that there should be 2 main types of reamers, among which is parallel and also the other tapered. These are presented in Fig. 1.

In part respects, hand reamers are comparable to screw-cutting taps, because that they cut away metal from the inside of a hole. Additionally, lock are held in a wrench the similar kind to that provided for taps. When buying reamers, care should be taken that the correct sample is ordered, because many the them have a tapered, or Morse, shank; this is for fitting in a drilling an equipment or lathe. Reamers because that hand use have actually a cylindrical shank through square end, as shown in Fig. 1. Reamers to be offered for removed the burr native the within of pipes pipes ~ cutting have the right to be purchased through a square shank for usage in a little brace.


Fig. 2 - An widening reamer. The diameter end the cut edges deserve to be boosted or reduced over a restricted range by means of a cone adjuster.

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Some reamers have actually straight flutes, others have actually spiral flutes, rather resembling those the a drill, yet often the much higher pitch. In general the spiral flute type is to be wanted for precise work, because there is 1ess propensity for it come chatter as soon as in use, and also consequently a smoother end up is produced. The is also much better when a an excellent deal that metal needs to be removed. It have to be detailed that the spiral flutes room left-handed, although the reamer is rotate in a right-hand or clockwise direction.

There room reamers which are made to a taper for their full length, and others which room tapered for just about half the size of the flutes, the staying being parallel. Over there is yet an additional important type of reamer, that the expanding type; an example is displayed in Fig. 2. In this situation there are 5 or an ext cutting blades lugged in cellars an installed on a main threaded shank. By means of a cone adjuster the diameter end the cut edges deserve to be varied over a certain limited range.

When one existing feet is to be contempt enlarged to accurate size – to receive an axle or pin, for instance – the is generally ideal to usage a reamer the the kind which is tapered towards the tip and parallel nearer the shank, because this makes much easier working. The size must be such that the reamer will go into the hole for a street at least equal to fifty percent the length of the tapered portion, or one-quarter that the length of the flutes. The work should be organized absolutely rigid, and also the reamer turned v a tap wrench, using a secure pressure and also keeping the turning speed together uniform together possible. A couple of drops of light an equipment oil might be provided as lubricant.

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