For the 90s born, “Smack That” would certainly be a familiar song the they rest danced to in your teenage years. Whether you space an Akon fan or an Eminem fan, the is not basic to skipping the kind of energy this song brought to the dance floor. The song was well obtained by the masses together a society banger and achieved even greater tasks commercially.“Smack That” exit on September 26, 2006, together the very first single turn off of Akon’s second studio album ‘Konvict.’ The song functions a rap city by Eminem i m sorry helped rise the sales of 67,000 units in the an initial week of release. The tune was likewise a substantial hit on radio play which do the track climb 88 clues on Billboard warm 100 chart in one week from #95 come #7. In ~ the time, the track was forgive the Guinness civilization Record for the greatest jump on Billboard warm 100 chart. The song at some point climbed come #2 on Billboard hot 100 and remained over there for 5 consecutive weeks.

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The music video for “Smack That” is a spin-off the the movie ’48 Hours’ which scripts a convict being released native jail to assist solve a crime. Akon is released from jail to discover a girl in a club wherein he meets Eminem.

Watch “Smack That” Music video by Akon Ft. Eminem

There is no sugarcoating the the song has a blatant sexual meaning behind the attractive lyrics. Akon find a girl that is right into him because of his fame and his Lamborghini Gallardo deluxe car. So he is inclined to take she home and also possibly bending her over and “smack that” all over his house.The 2nd verse that the tune is the rap city by Eminem and also he starts off by suggesting this tune is a “club banger.” how right was he!!!Eminem’s verse defines the situation inside the bar. There are drinks every around and also everyone is tipsy. The sees girls climbing up and down the poles and also he can barely contain himself. Climate he walks approximately a girl and also asks she to come residence with him. The exaggerates his residence to be a “palace” to attract in this girl. Finally, he suggests her to carry her friend as well because Em has another friend back at residence for her. And also this girlfriend is none other than Akon himself.
Besides the sexually aggravated meaning behind this song, it managed to become a normal banger in the clubs in the 2000s.What are your think on this track by Akon and also Eminem? drop a comment below. Examine out the complete lyrics and also further meaning break down on Genius.

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