June is an excellent time come prune your azalea if needed. Prune through a definite objective in mind and unless a sheared look is desired, shot to keep the herbal shape of the shrub by using hand pruners rather than hedge shearers.

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QUESTION: Is now a great time come prune earlier and transplant my azalea? -- Joan.

ANSWER: Yes and no. Now is terrific time to prune her azalea if needed. Prune v a definite function in mind, and unless a sheared look at is desired, try to preserve the natural shape of the shrub by making use of hand pruners rather than hedge shearers.

Try to finish significant pruning to azaleas by early July. Considerable pruning after that time deserve to remove flower buds and reduce flowering next spring.

This is, however, a terrible time come transplant azaleas, or any type of hardy tree or shrub for that matter. Once temperatures room high and also shrubs space drinking water promptly from the soil, lock are really intolerant of any type of damage excellent to their root systems.

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The chances of effectively transplanting trees and shrubs room greatly reduced during the summer. Wait till November or at an early stage December if friend can. In ~ that allude the azaleas room dormant and that, along with colder temperatures, do transplanting more successful.