Joe Besser

12 Aug 1907 – 1 Mar 1988

Actor. He was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, and also from a...

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Symona Boniface

5 Mar 1894 – 2 Sep 1950

Actress. She began her career in the theatre, whereby she produced...


Bonnie bright Bonnell

1 Aug 1905 – 14 Mar 1964

Actress that starred through Ted Healy in a number of movie "shorts"...

Gino Corrado

9 Feb 1893 – 23 Dec 1982

Screen Actor. He often played minor roles, together waiter or butler....


prick Curtis

11 might 1902 – 3 january 1952

Actor. Prolific American motion picture and television number of...

Vernon Dent

16 Feb 1895 – 5 Nov 1963

Actor. He began his job in entertainment as a singer and...

Joe “Curly Joe” DeRita

12 Jul 1909 – 3 Jul 1993

Actor, Comedian. Born right into a show-business family members in...

Dudley H. Dickerson

27 Nov 1906 – 23 Sep 1968

Actor. From the so late 1930"s till the mid 1950s he was the most...

Larry good

5 Oct 1902 – 24 jan 1975

Comedian, Actor. He was the frizzy-haired star the the legendary...

Ted Healy

1 Oct 1896 – 21 Dec 1937

Actor and Vaudevillian. In 1908 his family members moved from Texas to...

Curly Howard

22 Oct 1903 – 18 jan 1952

Actor. He to be the youngest that Jennie and also Solomon Horwitz"s five...

Moe Howard

19 Jun 1897 – 4 may 1975

Actor. From a really early period he was interested in acting, a...

Shemp Howard

11 Mar 1895 – 23 Nov 1955

Actor, Comedian. He achieved legend status as a member the the...

Bud Jamison

15 Feb 1895 – 30 Sep 1944

Actor. He entered vaudeville together a teenager, and also by 1915 had begun...

Muriel Landers

27 Oct 1921 – 19 Feb 1977

American stage, motion picture, and also television actress that the...

Kenneth mcdonald s

8 Sep 1901 – 5 might 1972

Actor. He was the youngest boy of salesman john W. Dollins and...

Christine McIntyre

16 Apr 1911 – 8 Jul 1984

Actress. She to be the second-born child of man Edward McIntyre,...

Emil Sitka

22 Dec 1914 – 16 jan 1998

Motion photo and television character actor. When he was twelve...

Victor Travers

2 jan 1884 – 26 may 1948

Prolific Actor. He showed up in many motion photos of the 1930s...

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