I have actually recently to buy a new motherboard v a P4 1.8. The board supports PC/1600 DDR memory, i beg your pardon I have actually filled the financial institutions with. The plank is a Tyan 510 Trinity. I examine the BIOS settings and also the clock frequency is set at 100MHz. The multiplier is collection at 18x. These room auto configured settings. The FSB speed detailed in the BIOS is at 100 MHz. This doesn"t seem right, although it might be. I believed PC/1600 ran in ~ 200MHz. Therefore, shouldn"t the settings be at 200MHz and also 9x multiplier? The BIOS will allow me come manually configure the settings, but the max frequency is 132MHz. This is a very brand-new board, as such no updates space necessary. I simply don"t obtain it. Can someone please melted some light on this subject? say thanks to you in advance...Norm

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In looking in ~ the plank it does assistance FSB rate up to 400Check the manual to view if you have a jumperless motherboard or you have actually to set jumper setups on the motherboard which you will need the manual to do the jumper settings changesCheck the motherboard manual and also look for the BIOS setup construction sectionOpen the Bios setup and also then click on the progressed tab,set the exactly CPU processor speed and also you will notice the FSB will collection to correct speed,You will need to manually make the setting changes i m sorry you have the right to reference in the motherboard hand-operated as just how to do the setting changesSite for Referencewww.motherboard.orgmanual is available


Thanx for responding. I had actually to acquired to the manufacturer"s site. The reason I was analysis this information in the hands-on is due to the fact that I had not review the addendum added to it. I evaluate everyone"s help.Norm


The front side Bus and the CPU clock are 2 different signals.The Front side bus is generally not a user option.The correct settings are 100MHz because that the clock, and 18X for the multiplier.The alternatives for the greater clock space for "over-clockers"and the "odd" frequency CPU"s the don"t right the standard multipliers.You may have actually an choice to collection the memory clock come a higher frequency.I have seen no consistent location in the bios settings for the much faster memory setting.So, without going v the BIOS manual, i couldn"t start to tell girlfriend wjhere the is.Chas


I don"t favor the rating that "unacceptable, that didn"t assist me". I solved the problem, yet gave points come the most advantageous answer. Say thanks to you for her response.Norm


100(FSB) x 18x(Multplier) the right, the is 1.8GHz and it is the inner Clock, i m sorry is FSB different from system Bus for storage or storage Clock..(ussually higher)Means FSB is different from storage Clock...SYRUPHIN?

I don"t prefer the rating of "unacceptable, that didn"t aid me". I solved the problem, however gave points to the most beneficial answer. Say thanks to you for your response. Norm

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