What if that rains?Trustmark Park drains 8-10 inches of water per hour. You re welcome be advised that the M-Braves Tarp Crew has been functioning on the ar throughout the day and keeping that covered when necessary. A decision will not be made until game time. At that time Braves management will assess the present conditions and also look at the forecast for the evening. If that is still rain at video game time, we will most likely go into a rain delay. If weather moves the end and allows enough time come play, it is highly likely the the M-Braves will take the field. If the video game cannot it is in played, it will be postponed. Visitmississippibraves.comor check ourFacebookandTwitterpages for the recent news and updates.

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Can I authorize up to get a bag schedule by mail?Emailto inquiry a bag schedule through mail. We execute not send fan Packs.

Can i send a player a message?Sure, you may mail your blog post to ; Mississippi Braves; P.O. Box 97389; Pearl, ms 39288.

How carry out I end up being an M-Braves sponsor or have actually a special occasion at Trustmark Park?Visit oursponsorship opportunitiespage or speak to 888-BRAVES4 for info on distinctive advertising avenues with the Braves.

How carry out I play for the Mississippi Braves?All of our player decisions are made by our parental club, theAtlanta Braves.Click herefor the MLB open up Tryouts Schedule.

How do I occupational for the Mississippi Braves?You might stop by the M-Braves front Office in ~ Trustmark Park come fill out an applications for part-time/seasonal employment Monday v Friday, 9:00 to be to 4:30 PM. We usually start taking applications in mid-January and most positions space filled by mid-March. However, we proceed to take it applications to have actually on paper for future requirements throughout the season. Call 601.932.8788 for an ext information.

How do I get a article read end the PA system throughout a game?The M-Braves announcement birthdays, anniversaries and other assorted announcements as time permits throughout the game. This requests room honored by visiting Customer service (on the concourse behind home plate) and making a $5 donation come a charity that night. If you have actually an extra-special request such as a proposal or army coming home, you re welcome email us ator speak to 601.932.8788 prior to video game day. These things should be booked in advance so the we deserve to work them into our video game production schedule.

At what period does a child need their very own ticket?Our policy on children"s join is that any kind of child 3 (3) and under gets in there is no a ticket. Those children usually sit in a parent"s lap. However, if that child demands their own seat, then they require a ticket regardless of age. All ticket prices room the same.

What is the policy for trading unused season tickets?Unused season tickets might be exchanged straight at the Trustmark Park crate Office because that tickets to one more game. These tickets are based upon availability. Us encourage friend to trade in tickets prior to video game day to limit wait times at the box office on game night. Unused mini-plan tickets cannot be traded in--only full season tickets.

Do you provide handicap seating?We do have seating because that fans making use of wheelchairs. Wheelchair seating is situated at the optimal of miscellaneous sections ~ above the concourse. As soon as ordering tickets, you re welcome let her ticket representative recognize that girlfriend will need special wheelchair accommodations. Call 888-BRAVES4 come speak with our ticket office.

How have the right to I follow Mississippi Braves gamings from home?All games are broadcast locally on WYAB 103.9 FM and on the web byclicking here. Girlfriend may also watch online v aufdercouch.net.TV byclicking here. You may also follow our official Twitter account
MBravesfor to update or visit ourFacebook page.

Where"s the best place to clock the M-Braves fireworks shows?Every seat has a an excellent view of the fireworks show. Fireworks are shot from the north parking lot (beyond left field).

What are the Trustmark Park crate Office hours?The Trustmark Park crate Office is open Monday v Friday from 9:00 to be to 5:00 pm on non-game days. On game days during the week, the box office opens at 9:00 AM and also closes at the begin of the saturday inning. Close up door times may vary depending upon the dimension of the crowd. The box office usually opens up at 9:00 AM for Saturday games, 9:00 AM because that Sunday games at 1:00 and also 12:00 PM because that Sunday gamings at 5:00 PM. Times topic to change. Please speak to ahead for specific hours.

Where is will Call?Will call is located on the left side of the Trustmark Park crate Office. Please have your photo ID in-hand to pick-up her tickets.

Is over there a fee for parking?All parking in ~ Trustmark Park is free of charge.

How perform I audition to sing the national Anthem?School, church or neighborhood choirs may contact the Mississippi Braves group Sales department any time the year in ~ 601.932.8788. Your team must purchase group tickets in stimulate to sing the national Anthem. For soloists through quartets, you re welcome send one audition video clip or CD to united state (address below) or email. Spots fill up quickly, so please call us early in the season.

Mississippi BravesAttn: nationwide AnthemP.O. Box 97389Pearl, multiple sclerosis 39288

Can I lug my own food and also drink?Outside food and also beverage is not enabled inside Trustmark Park. Food, soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, and also bottled water are all offered at the ballpark.

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May I bring a camera come take photos at the game?Yes, photography is permitted at the ballpark for an individual use. You might shoot images from her seat or native the concourse roughly the stadium. You may not market photos taken at M-Braves gamings without the express written consent that the Mississippi Braves. Be sure to share your photos with us onInstagramby tagging them through #mbraves.