through Pokemon Yellow currently officially available on the Nintendo 3DS, we"ve make a guide detailing just how to record one of the initial three starter Pokemon – Bulbasaur.

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Pokemon Yellow Bulbasaur Guide

With Pokemon Yellow now officially accessible on the Nintendo 3DS, we"ve made a guide detailing how to catch one of the original three starter Pokemon – Bulbasaur.

As any kind of aspiring Pokemon understand has concerned realize, recording "em all is a rather daunting task in the original pair of games. Indeed, with one-off starter monsters just being made available by owning a 2nd version that the very same game, it deserve to become complicated and expensive come secure all of the beasts. Fortunately, Pokemon Yellow has actually done away through that by permitting fans to achieve every single one of castle by completing tasks and talking come trainers. The only record is the they deserve to be conveniently missed.

v that in mind, we"ve put together a brief guide on just how to secure one that the more daunting original starter Pokemon, Bulbasaur. This Grass-type can only be included to her party by ensuring that Pikachu is exceptionally happy, however (as countless will attest) this can it is in a rather complicated affair. Fortunately, we"ve obtained a couple of tips to help make the process a little less painful for those struggling to lock the creature down in Pokemon Yellow.

Without any further ado, let"s record a Bulbasaur!

Step 1: walk to Cerulean City

This is somewhere the players will naturally end up in due time, together it"s the fourth town encountered after defeating Brock in Pewter City. For those struggling come identify the area, it"s the city that shows up after trekking with My. Moon and it features the Water-type trainer Misty as its gym leader.

Step 2: for sure There"s room in your Party

noted you didn"t walk hog wild through your minimal Pokeball supply, there"s a great chance the there"s quiet room left in your 6-Pokemon party for an extra monster. Ensure the this is the case, as Bulbasaur will just be provided to friend if you"ve acquired the spot. The course, it"s also possible to deposit Pokemon right into your pc as well, therefore it"s constantly an option to go ago and acquire the starter after you"ve excellent that.

Step 3: make Pikachu Happy

This is the only way to certain Bulbasaur and also it"s the most challenging part that this totality process. There space several means to make Pikachu happier, and also they can usually be established shortly after getting here in Cerulean City – detailed the electrical rodent is in ~ a high enough level.

right here are part bullet points detailing what renders Pikachu happy:

Levelling Pikachu up. defeating gym leaders. making use of back-to-back health and wellness potions.

enabling Pikachu to pass out or storing that in the computer will fall the Pokemon"s happiness, so try to prevent doing these at all costs. Players have the right to identify as soon as the Electric-type is happy enough to certain Bulbasaur by looking in ~ it and also clicking the "A" button. For reference, if you look in ~ it and it jumps in the air number of times climate you space one happiness-related stage away from gift able to get your prized Grass-type starter Pokemon.

Step 4: enter Melanie"s House to the Left that the Pokemon Center

after completing all of these steps, simply talk come the girl located at the ago of the house and also she"ll happily hand over her prize. Congratulations, you"ve just included Bulbasaur to your ever-growing team of bag Monsters!

hope you discovered this overview of use, as it"s a task we"ve struggled v accomplishing in the previous as well. After launching our testimonial of Pokemon Yellow, that was apparent that a overview for catching Bulbasaur required to happen. That course, the ability to trade the bag Monster over to Pokemon Sun and Moon will is additionally another reason to lock up the starter, as plenty of fans can likely attest.

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Struggling with catching the other starter Pokemon? We’ve obtained guides to aid you over there too! They have the right to be seen by complying with the links below:

are you enjoy it Pokemon Yellow so far? did you regulate to add Bulbasaur to her party? get at us in the comments.