v Pokemon Yellow now officially obtainable on the Nintendo 3DS, we’ve do a overview detailing just how to catch one the the original three starter Pokemon – Squirtle.

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Pokemon Yellow Squirtle Guide

With Pokemon Yellow currently officially obtainable on the Nintendo 3DS, we’ve do a overview detailing exactly how to catch one of the initial three starter Pokemon – Squirtle.

As any kind of aspiring Pokemon grasp has involved realize, recording ’em all is a rather challenging task in the initial pair that games. Indeed, v one-off starter monsters just being made easily accessible by owning a 2nd version that the exact same game specifically for trade purposes, it can become an overwhelming and expensive to secure all of the beasts. Fortunately, Pokemon Yellow has actually done away through that by enabling fans to obtain every solitary one of castle by perfect tasks and talking to trainers. The only capture is the they can be conveniently missed.

Luckily for gamers, Squirtle is just one of the less complicated beasts come obtain, as it"s just simply given to those that prove your worth as a trainer. Through that said, failing to speak to the suitable individual will certainly ensure that Squirtle never ever joins her squad, and that would be a huge mistake given the strength that the creature, and also its evolutions, contain in ~ Pokemon Yellow.

Without any kind of further ado, let’s catch a Squirtle!

Step 1: walk to Vermilion City

This will be the following town the trainers come at after wrapping up the events in Cerulean City. Players need only head southern from the town, take the secret passage, and also keep heading south until castle arrive. Despite being situated near the ocean, however, football player won"t have actually time come relax, as there is a quite tough battle ahead of them.

Step 2: defeat Gym Leader Lt. Surge

This one have the right to be tricky, together there"s a tree blocking the enntrance gate to the gym. Football player will have to talk come the captain that the S.S. Anne in stimulate to get HM01, at which allude they can teach one of their Pokemon the relocate "Cut" to remove the obstacle. When inside, however, they"ll it is in greeted with a garbage can-based puzzle preventing them from straight taking ~ above Lt. Surge.

This is a real doozy, and also there"s no sure method to get by it. Together a item of advice though, when a switch within among the barrels has been found, the 2nd one will generate in one adjacent to it. Failing to identify the following one will certainly restart the puzzle anywhere again though, therefore patience will certainly be a virtue during this part of Pokemon Yellow.

when that"s to be accomplished, merely defeat Surge and also his level 28 Raichu. This isn"t a challenging task because that those with Ground or Rock-type Pokemon at their disposal, for this reason players have to ensure the they"ve got at the very least one the those in your arsenal before attempting to take on the gym leader.

Step 3: ensure There"s space in her Party

If friend stocked increase on Diglets and also the like before taking ~ above Surge, then head on end to the Pokemon Center"s PC and deposit a Pokemon to make sure that there"s enough room because that Squirtle. If you"ve currently got a vacant spot on your 6-Pokemon roster, then merely proceed to action 4.

Step 4: talk to Officer Jenny

Head ago into the facility of Vermilion City and speak to the police officer merely standing there. ~ talking with her, she"ll notify you the she"s captured a naughty Squirtle and also is looking to offer it come a strong trainer. If you"ve followed this guide and defeated Lt. Surge, then Officer Jenny will simply hand the Water-type over to you with no strings attached. Congratulations, you’ve just included Squirtle to your ever-growing team of bag Monsters!

Squirtle is a fairly easy one to include to her team, however it have the right to be quickly missed because that those the didn"t recognize to pay fist for it.

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Of course, with the capacity to violin Pokemon native this game over to Pokemon Sun and also Moon, it"s certainly an important creature to have on your roster – if just for that reason

Struggling with catching the various other starter Pokemon? We’ve got guides to assist you there too! They can be checked out by adhering to the web links below:

just how are you enjoying Pokemon Yellow so far? did you control to include Squirtle to her party? obtain at united state in the comments.