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Located follow me the next of the screen, the navigating Pane offers a quick method to accessibility the objects in Access. You have the right to hide or present the navigation Pane at any kind of time. As soon as you require to increase your workspace, close or hide the navigating Pane.

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To present or hide the navigation Pane in Access desktop databases, follow these steps:

To display the navigating Pane in a desktop database, push F11.

To hide the navigating Pane, click along the peak of the navigating Pane, or press F11.

When you produce a brand-new Blank desktop database or usage an existing Access desktop computer database, friend can collection options from the open database so that the navigating Pane go not screen when the specific desktop database is opened.

From the open desktop computer database, click the File tab, and also then click Options

Click the Current Database category, and also under Navigation, clear the Display navigating Pane check box.

Click OK. Close and reopen the database to check out the results of the option.

Note: We carry out not introduce hiding the navigation Pane in desktop databases uneven the database employs a screen such together a switchboard (a type with buttons or web links that allow you come navigate roughly the database) or uses another method for opened the objects in the database.

To display or hide the navigation Pane in accessibility web apps, follow these steps:

To display the navigating Pane in an access web app, top top the Home tab, in the Show group, click the Navigation Pane toggle button.


To hide the navigating Pane, click follow me the peak of the navigating Pane, click the Navigation Pane toggle button, or press F11.

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Note: When you open a Blank accessibility web app for the an initial time, the navigating Pane does not display.


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